Exercise 22 Choose the right word.

  1. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.
  2. A. Study the vocabulary from Exercises B, E.
  4. B. Below is list of words derived from the same stem. Indicate the parts of speech. Choose suitable word for each blank in the sentences below.
  5. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice
  6. B. Choose the right variant and explain your choice.
  7. B. Now read the text and check if your guesses were right.
  8. B. Read the information and say if you were right in your guesses.
  10. C) ILS RUNWAY (number) LEFT (or RIGHT) LOCALIZER FREQUENCY IS (frequency)

1. Have you got (some / any) free time on Wednesday afternoon? 2. Theres (something / anything) strange about the way Petes acting today. 3. Is there (something / anything) we should bring to the meeting? 4. (Some / Any) of Laures friends were at the party last night. 5. I had three sets of house keys, and I cant find (some / any) of them now. 6. Hardly (some / any) of the smaller cars have enough leg room for Jill. 7. Do you know if (some / any) of the Morrises are coming on Sunday? 8. Can I get you (some /any) coffee? Ive just made (some / any). 9. She refuses to have (something / anything) to do with her family now. 10. If theres (some / any) soup left, could you put it in the fridge, please? 11. Never trust (someone / anyone) who has a perfectly tidy desk.

Exercise 23 Put the pronounssomething, anything, nothingoreverything.

Model: My husband taught his son everything he knows.

1. The patient has a bad memory. She cant remember . 2. I think there is wrong with my watch. 3. Weve got to eat. Weve got only to drink. 4. The student didnt understand because she heard . 5. Does he know about computers? Yes, he knows because he is the best specialist in computer science at Harvard University. 6. He felt terrible. He couldnt do . 7. is all right, the patient is much better today. 8. Is there interesting in the program of the concert? 9. I could see : it was quite dark. 10. Give me to drink. 11. I didnt take any money with me, so I couldnt buy . 12. My new eyeglasses are very good, I can see now. 13. I saw near the wood that looked like a tent.


Exercise 24 Putsome or any if needed.

1. This car hardly uses ... petrol. 2. This car doesnt use ... petrol; its battery-powered. 3. Would you like ... beer? 4. In Belgium they make a stew with ... beef and ... beer. 5. Do you ever read ... novels? 6. I read ... wonderful novels by OBrien when I was on holiday. 7. Are your sisters ... doctors too? 8. We met ... doctors at the party. 9. Could you lend me ... money? 10. Is ... money something you worry about? 11. Do you like ... mushrooms? 12. Are there ... mushrooms left? 13. We need ... more milk. 14. Cheese is made from ... milk.


Exercise 25 Put inno / none / nobody.

1. Why cant I have toast for breakfast? Because theres ... bread. 2. My students expect me to know everything. ... knows everything. 3. ... newspaper tells the whole truth. 4. What were your photos like? Im afraid ... of them came out. 5. Do you think hes honest? ... politician is completely honest. 6. ... of the people there remembered seeing anything unusual. 7. Ive got ... patience with people like her. 8. Theres ... I can talk to in this place. 9. ... of you cares what I think. 10. He had ... money, ... job and ... place to live.

Exercise 26 Put in some, any, no or their derivatives.

1. Can ... wash the dishes? 2. Tell me about this man. I dont know him. 3. There is ... in the room, it is empty. 4. Is there ... at home? 5. She has ... money to buy the book. 6. I dont know ... Chinese words. 7. There is ... I can do for you, Im sorry. 8. ... knows the right answer. 9. You may take ... book you like. 10. Are you waiting for ... ? 11.Who has already seen this film? ... . 12. You can say ..., I dont believe you.


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