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Exercise 44 While talking we use a lot of idiomatic expressions. Match a line in A with a line in B.

Model: -Hurry up, we’re late!

-Hang on a sec. I’m going to the loo.


a Sorry I’m late. I got held up in the traffic.

b Bye, Mum! I’m off to school now.

c Have you heard that Jenny’s going out with Pete Boyd?

d How long did it take you to do the homework?

e I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with this weather.

f Who was that I saw you with last night?

g I’m tired. I’m having next week off.

h Right! Let’s go for a ten-mile jog in the park!

i Let me buy you a drink.

j Shall we meet this afternoon at 3.00?

k What a fantastic coat! Was it expensive?


1. No, no. It’s my round. What would you like?

2. That’s a good idea. The break will do you good.

3. Me, too. I’m just longing for some sunshine.

4. Never mind. You’re here now. Come and sit down.

5. Ages. What about you?

6. It cost an absolute fortune!

7. Really? I don’t know what she sees in him.

8. Sorry. I can’t make it then. What about a bit later?

9. Take care, my love. Have a nice day!

10. You must be joking!

11. Mind your own business!



Prefixes:trans-, inter-, re-, under-, sub-

Adjective suffixes: -ary, -ar, -ish

Noun suffixes: -dom, -hood

Exercise 45 Translate the words, paying attention to prefixes.

under- underline, undervalue, understate, undertake, underset, undercharge, undersell, underpay, underground, underproduction, underestimate;

trans- transcontinental, transformation, trans-Siberian, trans-Atlantic, transplantation, transplant;

inter- international, interdepartmental, to intermix, interact, interrelate, interdepend, Internet, interface, intercity, interplanetary;

re- rearrange, refurnish, remake, recopy, reread, resell, recover, refill, reappear, reorganize, re-examine, re-elect, re-unite.

sub- subtitle, subagent, subrent, submental, subsystem, subnormal, subsensible, subdivision, subordinate.


Exercise 46 Translate the adjectives.

Legendary, revolutionary, momentary, elementary, reactionary, solitary, military, supplementary, primary, preliminary, ordinary, literary, disciplinary.

Exercise 47 Translate the words paying attention to suffix–ish.

Blackish, fattish, sweetish tea, babyish, Swedish, British, foolish, Danish, Scottish, English, waterish eyes, bookish words, Anglo-Irish.


Exercise 48 Translate the nouns paying attention to suffixesdomandhood.

Kingdom, freedom, childhood, manhood, Christendom, wisdom, officialdom, neighbourhood, falsehood, parenthood, fairyhood, motherhood, brotherhood, girlhood.

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