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1. Make Yes/No questions to the following sentences.

1.Different factors affect the amount of aircraft noise one can hear. 2. Noise pollution is one of greatest problems posed by airports. 3. But this wonderful invention has got opposite side. 4. Aircraft and especially jet aircraft discharge large amount of pollutants. 5. This dream was become true because of airplane. 6. Wind direction, aircraft orientation, humidity, seasons increase or decrease the level of noise. 7. Although jet engines have been improved over the last years. 8. A lot of large airport operators place noise monitoring equipment.


2. Put all possible questions to the underlined sentences in the text “Aircraft Pollution and call type of each question.

Example: What was become true because of airplane? – Subject question.

3. Make negative form to the sentences in Ex. 2.

Example: 1a.There are not cleaning jets now. 1b. Are there cleaning jets now?

4. Put verbs in brackets into the Passive Voice.

1. Now in the world a lot different kinds of works, including cleaning jets, (to use) to reduce water consumption. 2. Noise pollution (to pose) by airports. 3. All my dreams (to become) true because of new car. 4. Jet engines (to improve) over the last years. 5. Aircraft pollution (to classify) in three main groups namely: water pollution of the airport activities, air pollution of the aircraft emissions and noise pollution. 6 Unapproved take off may (to fine up) to $5000. 7. Pollution can (to minimize) but not eliminated.

5. Put the words from the box next to their definition.

To pollute, water consumption, cleaning jets, clean water laws, noise pollution, to soar, emissions, to charge, to set and aircraft pollution.
Word Definition
  is contamination made by airplanes;  
  is large amount loud sound that makes health threat;
  means to make something dirty;  
  are aircraft pollutants emitted in the air;
  means to fly or go up into the air;
  are clean water keeping rules;  
  means taking pollutants away from jets;
  means water using;
  means to put power into something
  means to give work to someone to do.


1. Pick out a line in H with a line in I.


1. But this wonderful invention has got

2. Water pollution of the airport activities

3. Air is gas which you take in through nose and mouse

4. Now in the world a lot different kinds of works

5. Cleaning jets

6. Pollution can be minimized

7. To long to do means


__ when you breathe.

__ means taking pollutants away from jets.

__ are used to reduce water consumption.

__to want very much to do or to have something.

__ is formed by a lot of toxic chemicals.

__opposite side. It is aircraft pollution.

__ but not eliminated


2. Divide the text “Aircraft Pollution” into three paragraphs. Name them. Where do you think the paragraphs begin and end?

Paragraph I. ________________________________________

Paragraph II. ________________________________________

Paragraph III.________________________________________


3.Speak on topic ‘’ Noise Pollution and Healh ’’

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