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Read and translate the text A

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I’m a first-year student of the Kherson State Technical University. Many boys and girls hoped to enter the University, so the competition was rather intense. But I did my best and was enrolled to the first course of the … faculty.

Educational establishment was founded in 1957. In 1980, on its bases the Kherson State Industrial Institute was opened. In 1998 it was given the status of Technical University. Now it is one of the best higher educational establishments in Ukraine. There are 4 educational buildings and 3 student hostels at the University. There are 7 faculties: the Faculty of Economics, Cybernetics, Mechanical Engineering, Technology, Foreign Economic Relations, the Faculty of Retraining and Advanced Training, the Distance and Regional Education Faculty. There are full-time, correspondent and external forms of education. The University has regional divisions in the towns of Armiansk, Feodosia, Yalta, Genichesk, Kerch, Kyiv, Chernigov and Kakhovka. Also there is a Textile College, a Center of Preparatory Training and Preparatory Department as well as the faculties common with the other educational establishments ( the Kharkov State Automobile and Highway Technical University, the Kharkov State Academy of Technology and Catering and others).

About eight thousand students study at the University. The teaching staff is more than three hundred persons. Among them there are professors, assistant professors, doctors of science. Under their supervision many students carry on research work. The results of their research work often find practical application. There is a student scientific society at the University.

The students have at their disposal experimental shops, laboratories with modern equipment, language laboratories for studing foreign languages, machine-tools and up-to-date devices. There are many computerized class-rooms and lecture-rooms. There are many departments at the University responsible for training specialists in more than a dozen of specialities such as: mechanical engineers, chemical technologists, engineers in spinning, weaving and knitted goods, automation, accountants, managers, economist, designers and others. There is also a library, which provides students with necessary literature.

The academic year is divided into two terms. Twice a year students take exams and get credits. If the results of the exams are good they get grants. The students have vocations in winter and in summer.

Usually students have three or four periods a day. They attend lectures, seminars, practical classes and labs on different subjects. First-year students study mathematics, physics, a foreign language and many other general subjects. In the third year they begin to study special subjects. Every year students write yearly projects. After four years of study the students get the degree of Bachelor and after five years they get the qualification of Specialist. There is a post-graduate course in 28 specialities that cover practically all scientific directions of the University. The KSTU also has doctoral programs and specialized academic Councils for defending candidate and doctor degree theses.

But the students’ life implies not only a study. There are many kinds of out-of-class activities at the University. There are sport facilities, such as a stadium, sport grounds, gymnasium. Our University has its own students’ theatre, amateur group, clubs of interest.

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