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American Educational System

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Education in America is largely the business of the individual State, not the Federal Government. Each of fifty states has its own system of education. There is no Ministry of Education such as exist in many countries, no national system of education. The Federal Government of the United States does not interfere in any way with public education within the states.

Americans tend to study a larger number of subjects than Europeans, in school, and particularly at the university. Seven subjects are required for a first degree (Bachelor’s degree) in many colleges. In the USA wide, and sometimes superficial, knowledge is often valued more than specialization.

There are more than two thousand institutions of higher education in the United States. Young people who want to enter higher education must have attended a high school for four years. This means that a student who wants to study at the university or college must begin by doing good work in high school. If his results in high school are satisfactory, he is enrolled to a university or college, where he may take a Bachelor’s degree after a four-year course of study.

The first two years in an American college or university differ somewhat from a similar period in a European one. These years in American college are a continuation of secondary education. During this time certain courses must be completed before a student may begin study of his special field. Among the required courses are American history or government and physical education. In addition to the subjects which the freshmen (first-year students at American university) have to take, they may choose from the following courses to complete their programs of study: history, mathematics, chemistry, physics, French, German, Latin, geography, journalism, economics etc. The courses which students select depend, of course, on the field of study in which he wants to major.

The aim of American education is to create a good citizen, rather than a scholar. That is why great emphasis is placed on the social duties and obligations, on communicating with other people, and obtaining varied information, which will be of practical use in life.

Unit 4 Topic:Student’s Life Language:Indefinite Tenses (Present, Past, Future) Text:Student’s Life  


I. Language

1. Vocabulary to be learn:

Laboratory / Lab лабораторія

language laboratory — лабораторія усної мови;

lab(oratory) assistant — лаборант;

lab equipment — лабораторне устаткування(обладнання);

laboratories / practicals — лабораторні заняття;

to be going to — збиратися;

to be an applicant for entry — відвідувач підготовчого відділення, абітурієнт;

to take a preparatory course — проходити підготовчий курс;

a tutorial — практичне заняття (в вузі);

an instructor — викладач практичних занять;

Lecture Лекція

to give a lecture (to lecture) — читати лекцію;

to give a talk / to read a paper — робити доклад /повідомлення;

to attend a lecture — відвідувати лекцію;

to miss a lecture — пропустити лекцію; ( but , miss) — сумувати;

to skip a lecture — прогуляти лекцію;

to take notes of a lecture – вести конспекти лекції

to carry away the audiences – зацікавити аудиторію

Lesson / Class Практичне заняття

homework — домашнє завдання

preparation hours —години самопідготовки;

to check up attendance — перевірити присутність;

Academic Progress Академічна успішність

to do well (to learn with ease) — добре встигати;

to make good /poor progress — добре / погано встигати;

to be behind /catch up — відставати / доганяти в навчанні;

to be strong /weak in — бути сильним / слабким по;

to be good at (languages) — бути здібним до мов;

to be keen on (math) — бути зацікавленим / мати схильність до;

to do one’s homework — готувати домашнє завдання;

to distinguish oneself – стати відомим

to hunger for knowledge - бажати знань

to look forward to – з нетерпінням чекати

to get scholarship / grant — отримувати стипендію;

to last — тривати;

to stay — залишатися;

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