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VII. Practice. Speak on the topic “ My University.”

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Speak on the topic “ My University.”. Use the chart.



VIII. Comprehension

Listen to the Text B. Be sure that you know the following words and word combinations:

to be situated – бути розташованим

entrance exams – вступні іспити

to be like somebody (something) – бути схожим

to fall in an exam – провалитися на екзамені

to exist – існувати

to last – продовжуватися

to allow – дозволяти

tutor – викладач, який проводить практичні заняття та слідкує за навчанням та дисципліною студентів

undergraduate – студент останнього курсу університету

residential University – університети в коледжах яких живуть студенти різних спеціальностей


Text B


The city of Oxford is like London. It is old, international and it is situated on the river Thames. Oxford is very beautiful and green city. We say that Oxford is old and historical because it was founded in 912. The University was founded in 1249. Oxford is international because people from many parts of the world come to study at this University. Every year more than one thousand students enter Oxford University. The entrance exams are difficult. It is necessary to work hard to become a student of the Oxford University. Oxford University is residential. It consists of 38 colleges and each student must belong to one of the colleges.

The academic year in England has three terms which usually last from the beginning of October till the middle of December, from the middle of January till the end of March and from the middle of April till the end of June. There are examinations at the end of each term. If a student fail in an exam, he may be allowed pass the exam again. Only two reexaminations are usually allowed.

The University of Oxford has a tutorial system of education: every student has a tutor who plans his work. Each week some students come to see him, they discuss different questions connected with their studies and research work. At Oxford University no student may call on a tutor or attend a lecture without his or her gown, therefore the students wear them in all weather or carry them over arm or shoulder.

The students at Oxford University spend a lot of time studying. Their working hours are from 9 to 1. At 9 o’clock they see the tutor or go to the library or to the lecture. From 2 to 5 they are engaged in sports and all kind of exercises. Almost all students go in for some kind of sport. The most famous kinds of sport are: boxing, running, playing football, golf and other games. From 5 to 7 they usually either work in the library or in the laboratory. At 7 o’clock the undergraduates and tutors gather in the hall and have dinner. After dinner students have club activities, debating societies etc. By 10 o’clock the students must be in the college, as most of the students live in the colleges. At 10 o’clock the students sit down to work again and work about 2 hours. At 12 o’clock p.m. the students go to bed. The life of the students at Oxford is very interesting.


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