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Adverbial Modifiers of Time

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  4. Exercise 1. Make up sentences using the table. Pay attention to the place of the adverb and adverbial modifiers of the time in the sentence.

tomorrow, next week/month/year, in the morning, on Sunday, soon, in two days , some day, the day after tomorrow, this evening, tonight, in a while, before long, right away.

Exercise 1. Express your agreement with the following statements: Use the phrases:Certainly. It is really so. You are right . I agree with youas in the model:

- My brother is going to become a University student next year. - I agree with you my brother is going to become a University student next year.  



1. She will be an applicant for entry next year.

2. They will take a preparatory course at the University of Kherson.

3. The course will last for eight months.

4. My friends will have lectures and tutorials every day.

5. We shall get scholarship tomorrow.

6. My friend will distinguish himself someday.

Exercise 2. Object to the sentences. Use the phrases:No, it is not so. I am afraid you are wrong. I can’t agree with you. On the contraryas in the model.

- We shall write a test tomorrow. - No, it is not. We shan’t write a test tomorrow


1. I shall come to the University at about 9 o’clock.

2. Lectures will be in the language laboratory the day after tomorrow.

3. My brother will stay in the library till late.

4. They will do their homework after classes.

5. We shall read a paper next week.

6. His commute will be bad next day.


Exercise 3. Express your surprise and give short affirmative (negative) answers as in the model:

I shall go to the students’ canteen for lunch after classes. Will you go to the students’ canteen for lunch after classes? Yes, I shall. No, I shan’t.  



1. We shall attend a computer center next week.

2. It will take them a few minutes to get to the University.

3. She will sit at the window in the language laboratory.

4. They will go home after classes.

5. I shall take part in research work in the senior years at the University.


Exercise 4. Add tag-questions to the following statements and agree or disagree with them as in the model:

a) The students will read up exams. The students will read up for exams, won’t they? — Oh, yes they will. b)The students won’t read up for exams. The students won’t read up for exams, will they? — Oh, no they won’t.  


1. a) My brother will enter the University next year.

b) My brother won’t enter the University next year.

2. a) We shall take part in social activities.

b) We shan’t take part in social activities.

3. a) My friends will study hard to become good specialists.

b) My friends won’t study hard to become good specialists.

4. a) My group-mates will go hiking on Sunday.

b) My group-mates won’t go hiking on Sunday.

5. a) His parents will receive a letter from him next week.

b)His parents won’t receive a letter from him next week.


Exercise 5. React to the questions making a choice as in the model:

Will you work or study? I shall study.  

1 .Will they write tests or exams the day after tomorrow?

2. Will you read up or sit for exams next week?

3. Will she pass an exam or resit for it?

4. Shall we go to the canteen or to the library after classes?

5. Will your friend go in for sport or read a book on Saturday?


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