Exercise 6. Ask your friend all possible questions to the following sentences.

  1. A. Answer the questions.
  2. A. Answerthequestions.
  3. A. Role-play the following situation.
  4. A. Say whether the following statements are false or true.
  5. A. Study the following.
  6. A. Study the vocabulary from Exercises B, E.
  7. All the verbs in the box relate to legal matters. Use them in the correct forms to complete the sentences.
  8. Answer the following questions.
  9. Answer the questions.
  10. Answer the questions.

She will give you an excellent in Philosophy. Will she give you an excellent in Philosophy? Who will give you an excellent in Philosophy? What mark will she give you in Philosophy? She will give you an excellent or a satisfactory in Philosophy She will give you an excellent in Philosophy, wont she?    

1.They will attend experimental shops next month.

2. Im sure he will be a good specialist in future.

3. The students will have a good time together at the weekend.

4. The classes will end at about 4 oclock p.m.

5. Ann will be good at languages soon.

6. We shall look in and see him next week.



The Indefinite Tense (Review)

Exercise 1. Put these sentences into Past and Future Indefinite adding adverbial modifiers of time as in the model:

I study at the University. My brother studied at the University 5 years ago. Ann will study at the University next year.



1. Peter works in the library.

2. I attend lectures and seminars.

3. The student goes to the lab to prepare for his practical classes.

4. Classes begin at 8 oclock.

5. I take part in social activities.

6. My friend goes in for sport.

7. She lives far from the University.

8. We go to the students canteen.

Exercise 2. Make all the sentences of ex. 1 interrogative and negative.

Exercise 3. Put the verbs given in brackets in the corresponding tense form.

1. He usually (to walk) home after lesson.

2. They (to go) to the theatre on Sunday,

3. Your parents (to work) at the University two years ago.

4. Yesterday Nick (to send) a telegram to his friend.

5. Our teacher (to explain) a new material at the next lesson.

6. My group-mate (to live) at the hostel.


Exercise 4. Say it in English.


1. ... .

2. .

3. , .

4. ³ .

5. , .

6. , .

7. .

8. ³ , .

9. ?

10. ?


III. Reading and comprehension


Look through Text A. be ready to answer the following questions:


1.Do you work or study?

2. Where do you study?

3. You became a first year student, didnt you?

4. Did you pass all your exams successfully?

5. Did your lessons begin at 8 oclock or at 9 oclock?

6. You live far from the University ,dont you?

7. What subjects do you have at the University?

8. What are your parents?

9. What do you usually do after classes?

10. Will you study hard to become a good specialist?


Text A

Students Life

I study at the Kherson State Technical University, the department of Cybernetics. In summer I passed all my exams successfully and my dream to become a student finally came true. But there were many young people who failed their entrance exams. My friend for example failed in mathematics. It wasnt really his fault, it was just bad luck. He will try again next year.

And now I am going to tell you about my family. My fathers name is Sergei Petrovich, he is 47. He works as a surgeon at a hospital. He is neither old nor young. He is a good-looking man, handsome, rather thin with dark brown hair just beginning to grey. He is a very sociable person. What I dont like about my dad is that he is always busy. Very often he works overtime. He is a bread-maker in our family. He is fond of going to the country at the weekend, because he enjoys working in the garden. My mothers name is Galina Nickolayevna. She is 46. She works as a teacher at a nursery school. My mother is rather slim and pretty, she is always elegant and smart. She always has a lot of work to do both school and about the house. I have neither sisters nor brothers. But I have a lot of relatives-grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandparents and cousins.

I was much interested in physics at school. I studied it at the school physics circle. I was also fond of literature and used to write poems. I didnt know what to choose: physics or literature. I finished school and began to work on the farm. Then I served in the army. After that I worked as a machine operator at an engineering plant. I worked there for two years and decided to enter the University. It took me rather long to get used to University life. To be quite honest I never knew I was so much behind the others. It will take me months of real hard work to catch up with the fellows. I think I wont be disappointed.

My lessons usually begin at 8 oclock and I get up very early because I live far from the University. It takes me an hour to get there in time. Those students who live in the hostel are lucky it take them only a few minutes to get there. I live with my parents in a new comfortable apartment. Our monitor and Trade Union organizer live in the hostel. Now I compare the life at home with my parents and in the hostel.

We do many subjects at the University. Here are some of them: physics, higher mathematics, foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish ), history of Ukraine. I like the history of our country most of all, because there are still so many facts which I want to know. We take credits and examinations twice a year in January and in June. Our lessons end at 3 oclock. I usually go home by bus or work in the library or in the physics laboratory. I shall study hard to get education and to become a good specialist. My group-mates and I will try to find time for some enjoyment as well. There will be a sport competition at the end of the term and I hope I shall take part in it.


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