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VII. Practice. Exercise 1. Role play the following situations:

Exercise 1. Role play the following situations:

Situation1.You are invited to take part in the discussion about Great Britain. Make a report on political life of the country. Describe your own impressions of visiting Great Britain. Be ready to answer students questions.

Situation 2. You are in the plane flying from Ukraine to Great Britain. Ask the guide questions on rivers, mountains, lakes, natural resources, industrial centres of Great Britain.

Usefull expressions:You should see – Вам треба було б подивитись … May I give you some suggestions? - Можна я дам вам кілька пропозицій? I’d like to give you a piece of advice – Я б хотів дати вам невелику пораду. Most willingly – охоче; I’d be grateful for your advice – був би вдячний за вашу пораду; Is it worth seeing? – Варто подивитись? Really? – дійсно.

VIII. Reading

Listen to the text C. Be sure that you know the following words and word combinations.

aircraft – літак, авіація

aero-engine manufacturers – виробники авіадвигунів

branch – галузь

domestic demand - внутрішній попит

electroengineering – електроніка

hosiery – трикотаж

knitted wear – в’язані вироби

machine tool industry – верстатобудівна промисловість

non-ferrous metals – кольорові метали

raw-material – сировина

rural – сільський

synthetic fibre – синтетичне волокно

satellite – супутник

vital part - істотна роль


Text C

Great Britain is known to be a highly developed industrial country. There are so-called “old” branches of industry which appeared in the period of industrial revolution and “modern” branches that appeared only after the Second World War.

Coal-mining is said to be a traditional , “old” branch of industry. It is to be found in Wales, in the Cumberland Mountains, in the south of Scotland, and in the northern part of England.

Metal industry, including production of steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and other colour metals, is known to have been developing in Scotland, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, in Wales and other areas of the country.

Britain’s chemical industry is the third largest in Europe . Nearly half of its production is exported. Natural gas is known to be a good raw material for chemical industry. Chemical industry, especially production of synthetic fibres and plastics, is being developed on a large scale in Wales, in Liverpool, in the mouth of the Thames, in Scotland, in the south of England.

Engineering is the main branch of industry in Great Britain. Britain is the Western world’s largest producer of agricultural tractors, many of which are exported. London, Birmingham, Coventry are known to be the most important centres of motor-car construction. The Greater London, Bristol are the leading centres of aviation industry. The British aerospace industry is the third largest in the world. Its products include civil and military aircraft and satellites. Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s three largest aero-engine manufacturers. Glasgow, Newcastle, Belfast are the biggest ship-building centres.

Among the modern branches are electroengineering, electronic, machine-tool industries which can be found in the Greater London, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and many other big and little towns of Great Britain. Halifax is known to be a machine-tool construction centre producing equipment for electric power industry.

Textile industry with the centres in Yorkshire and Landshire is considered to be one of the oldest in Great Britain. The clothing industry, one of the largest in Europe, meets about two-thirds of domestic demand and the woolen industry is one of the world’s largest.

Light industry and first of all clothing, footwear, knitting wear and hosiery are developed in Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Belfast. Light industry goods are of good qualty.

Nottingham, Lester and Derby are known to be the most important centres of footwear industry. Many enterprises of food industry are situated in the large industrial centres such as London, Belfast, Liverpool, Bristol as well as in other centres and also in some rural areas.

Britain has an open economy in which international trade plays a vital part. About one-quarter of its domestic product comes from the export of goods and services.



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