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I. Reading and Comprehension

Read and translate the text “Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine”

I am a student of KSTU. I must write a composition about my summer holidays.

This summer I have been to Kyiv and this city has impressed me greatly. I have just finished my composition and asked my mother to read it. That’s what she has read.

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine is the largest city in Ukraine with the population about 3 million. It’s a political, industrial and cultural centre of Ukraine. It is an ancient city. In 1982 Kyivites celebrated its 1500th anniversary. Kyiv is considered the gratest city in the world, having 18 m2 of greenery per person. Furthermore it was called the mother of all Russian cities. It is here that the ancient chronicler Nestor wrote his immortal “Tale of Bygone Days” in a tiny cell of the Pechersk Monastery. Another famous figure B.Khmelnitsky established an independent Cossach State ages ago. It has a special monument in front of St.Sophia Cathedral. It’s interesting to note that in ancient times the only entrance to Kyiv was the Golden Gate. It is about a thousand years old. The architects have restored it recently.

At present Kyiv is a centre of science, industry, education and culture of Ukraine. There are many scientific research institutes, universities, colleges in Kyiv. The Academy of Sciences began its activity as early as in 1919. The Institute of Cybernetics named after Glushkov, the Paton Institute of Electric Welding, the Institute of Physical Researches develop and solve problems which are of practical importance for national economy of Ukraine.

Now a few words about the industrial potential of Kyiv. It’s worth mentioning the Bolshevik plant produces the up-to-date aggregates for chemical engineering industry, Silk and Cotton Combines, the Arsenal Plant, many stock joint ventures, factories of Food and Light industry.

Kyiv is a city of Students. Higher education can be represented by Kyiv-Mogyla Academy founded in 1701, State University by T. Shevchenko, Polytechnical University, Kyiv Building Institute, University of Civil Air-Craft Engineers, Linguistics University and many others. These establishments train highly qualified specialists who are of great demand at many branches of Ukrainian economy.

Kyiv can boast of its historical places of interest and monuments: Samson fountain, the Golden Gate, St.Sophia Cathedral. The church of St.Andrew rises about 90 metres above the Dnieper and the Podol. This church is considered the masterpiece of the designer Rastrelly. One can also mention the Museum of Ukrainian Art, the Russian and West European Art Museum, the Museum of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art, T.Shevchenko home, the Museum of History of Kyiv etc.

Kyiv is a great cultural centre. I can’t but mention the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the I.Franko Drama Theatre, the Theatre on the Podol, the L.Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre, the Ukraine Palace, the October Palace, the Sports Palace etc.

Kyiv has a lot of beautiful monuments. Among them I can point out monuments to T.Shevchenko, B.Khmelnitsky, M.Lysenko, I.Franko, A.Pushkin, L. Ukrainka, N.Vatutin, Unknown Soldier, Memorial Complex in Darnitsa. Kyiv is one of the most beautiful cities on the world, so it will remain in my memory for ever.


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