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November, 11.

Veteran's Day

This day, like Memorial Day, is a solemn occasion in honour of all American veterans of all wars. In many communities veterans march in parades, national flags are displayed, special ceremonies, observing two minute's silence, are held at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

November, 24.

Thanksgiving Day

It is the oldest national holiday. The pilgrims, the first English settlers searching for religious freedom, came on May/lower to Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts, in 1620. They suffered a very hard year. By the autumn of the next year assisted by the Indians they had a good harvest. And a feast was given of turkey corn and pumpkin pie to celebrate the harvest and give thanks to God for their survival. The old traditions of their feast are observed throughout the country today.

December, 25.


Christmas is a great American and British festivity, very rich in custom and tradition — with Santa Claus, the decorating of the Christmas tree, of card sending and gift giving. It is celebrated as the birthday of Christ. Now it is becoming more and more a folk holiday. It has always been observed as a family affair.



Verbs which are the same in all three forms


cost cost cost

cut cut cut

hit hit hit

hurt hurt hurt

let let let

put put put

set set set

shut shut shut


Verbs which have the same form for Past Simple and Past Participle

bend bent bent

bring brought brought

build built built

burn burnt burnt

buy bought bought

catch caught caught

dig dug dug

dream dreamt (dreamed) dreamt (dreamed)

feed fed fed

feel felt felt

find fount fount

get got got

have had had

hear heard heard

hold held held

keep kept kept

lay laid laid

learn learnt (learned) learnt (learned)

leave left left

lend lent lent

lose lost lost

make made made

mean meant meant

meet met met

read read read

say said said

sell sold sold

send sent sent

shine shone shone

shoot shot shot

sit sat sat

sleep slept slept

slide slid slid

smell smelt smelt

spend spent spent

stand stood stood

teach taught taught

tell told told

think thought thought

understand understood understood

win won won


Verbs which nave the same form for the Base Form and the Pats Participle

become became become

come came come

run ran run


One verb which has the same form for the Base Form and the Past Simple

beat beat beaten



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