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Exercise 1. Make up sentences using the table. Pay attention to the place of the adverb and adverbial modifiers of the time in the sentence.

I I He She We You They have has hasn’t haven’t have have often seldom ever already just never been to Kyiv visited this museum met him there seen this performance used their visit card arrived on time
II I He She We You They have have has has have have     not   seen her informed us appeared returned come back sung today this week this month this year lately recently

Exercise 2. Express your agreement with the following statements. Use the phrases:Sure(ly) , It is really so. Certainly. You are right. I agree with you.

The builders have painted Kyiv National University red. It is really so. They have painted Kyiv National University red.  


1. Fifteen centuries have already passed over Kyiv ancient hills.

2. A lot of new residential districts have risen recently in Kyiv: Obolon, Borshchagivke, Rusanovka etc.

3. Darnitsa has just appeared before the eyes of the group of the tourists.

4. Our foreign guests have never visited this performance at the Opera and Ballet theatre.

5. We have walked along the central districts of the city today.

6. Some 10 thousand people have admired the concert in the open this Sunday.

7. She has left some notes about her visit to London.


Exercise 3. Express your surprise and give short affirmative(negative) answers as in the model.

The famous hetman B.Khmelnitsky has made a lot for the independence of Ukraine. Has he really made a lot for the independence of Ukraine? Yes, he has. No, he has not (hasn’t)

1. Higher educational establishments have changed their status since 1990.

2. Kyiv theatres have already staged a lot of modern plays by R.Viktyuk.

3. I hope you have seen these slides about London.

4. My friend has just brought some nice postcards from his trip to Egypt.

5. We have seen a wonderful film about family problems on TV.

6. She has taken some photos of Franko Drama Theatre.

7. You have improved your knowledge in grammar recently.

Exercise 4. Object to the statements. Use the phrases:No, it is not so. I’m afraid you are wrong. I can’t agree with you.

You have already visited Kyiv Rus movie theatre. No, it is not so. We haven’t visited it yet.

1. Askania Nova the national reserve has spread its steppes in Donetsk region.

2. All enterprises in Kherson have began working this year.

3. Kherson has celebrated the 250 anniversary of its foundation (on one of) these days.

4. Nuclear power plants have made ecological situation better.

5. Agrarians have irrigated the florist exhibition in Komsomolsky Park.

6. We have often seen boat race on the Dnipro river.

7. He has just returned from business trip.


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