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My Native Town

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I'd like to tell you about my native town. It is situated in the Southern Urals not far from Chelyabinsk, administrative centre of our region. Our town is unique and unforgettable in many aspects.

My town is located in a very picturesque place among beautiful lakes after which it goes its name. In the north it faces lake Irtyash, one of the largest and deepest one. In the west one can see magnificent mountains of the Kushtum Chain with high peaks of Soogomuck and Yagoza famous in local legends and songs. In the south the town borders on lakes Bolshaya Nanoga and Malaya Nanoga. To the east runs a beautiful valley with birch and pine forests rich in berries and mushrooms.

The history of Ozersk is closely connected with the history of the country. Though it is one of the youngest towns in our region it became very important. The date of its birth is considered the 9th of November 1945 when first workers and engineers came here to build a unique industrial complex. The entire country participated in the construction of the first atomic plant so people of many nationalities live in our town. Enthusiasm of the builders was great and soon the plants began working and first houses of young town appeared.

Ozersk is a town of science. First of all we associate the name of outstanding scientist Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov with the history of the town. Kurchatov headed the works in creation of nuclear weapon. He engaged many scientists in research and investigation of physical and chemical characteristics of substances used in atomic industry. There is a museum to I.V. Kurchatov in Ozersk. The monument was erected in the middle of the square after his name. There are dozens research centres in the town.

Our town is famous for its architecture. The symbol of the town is Rotunda standing on the high bank of the Irtyash. From here you can see a magnificent and picturesque scenery. Now the town is divided into 3 parts: an old part and 2 new ones.

Each district has attractions if its own. The old town with its 4-5 storey buildings and lots of greenery and new districts with wide avenues and multistoried houses present a unity of generations. The town is decorated with many flowerbeds. All residents like Pushkin Street. It is very cozy and romantic. The houses are hidden among wild apple-trees, fir trees, pines and bushes of lilac and bird-cherry. In late fall and early spring lots of bullfinches and chatters come here to taste berries and wild apples.

There are many monuments in our town: the monument to pioneers of nuclear energy called "Prometenium", the monument to victims of the World War II and others.

There is the department of Moscow Physical Engineering Institute. Its graduates work at the production enterprise "Mayak". There are many secondary schools with extensive English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology learning. There are several vocational technical schools where students are given good work habits.

Our town is a cultural centre as well. We have some libraries (this is the Central City Library with a monument to Pushkin nearby). It houses not only books, newspapers and magazines but records, tapes, CDs and pictures, its light halls usually serve as picture and exhibition gallery. Here you can see works of local artists and other interesting exhibitions.

There is a musical school where young citizens are given instructions in playing the piano, the violin, the saxophone and other instruments. There is an Art College. We have several theatres and cinemas like puppet theatre "The Gold Rooster" for little children, drama theatre "Our Home", people operetta theatre in the cultural centre "Mayak" and different studios in the Youth Cultural Palace. Located in the picturesque scenery of the Southern Urals among the mountains and lakes with its charming mixture of the old and new, my town creates an unforgettable impression. This is the town of my parents and grandparents’ youth, its first builders. This is the place I belong and I love it dearly.

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