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READING COMPREHENSION EXERCISES. 1. a) Consult a dictionary and transcribe the following words from the text

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1. a) Consult a dictionary and transcribe the following words from the text. Practise their pronunciation paying attention to stresses:


unanimous, corroborative, appreciation, naked, aridity, iota, subsequent, contraband, sheriff, circumstantial, persevering, unmitigated, aisle, exit, caliber, perspire, distaff, executive, in­feriority, gavel, conduct (v, n), minute, indict, loosen.


b) Listen to your partners' reading of the above exercise. Correct their mistakes.


2. Read out the following word combinations paying attention to the pho­netic phenomena of connected speech (assimilation, the linking “r”, the sonorant between two vowels, lateral and nasal plosions, the loss of plosion):


where a man ought to get a square deal; the enormity of her offense; so long in a case like that; putting a man's life at stake; the jury seemed to be attentive; to get rid of her own guilt; no doubt signing it with his left hand; white men cheat black men; and placed them on the table; I was reluctant to take off my eyes; received almost unanimous critical acclaim; unbuttoned his vest, loosened his tie; it came crashing down on her after­wards; one more thing before I quit; watching Atticus walk into the street; indicted on a capital charge.


3. Single out the communicative centres and make them prominent by tone and (tress in the following sentences:


1. When Judge Taylor appointed Atticus Finch, an experi­enced smart lawyer and a very clever man/he was sure that At­ticus would not win the case, he could not win it... 2. "In our courts, when it is a white man's word against a black man's, the white man always wins." 3. "... whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, that white man is trash..." 4. "The de­fendant is not guilty, but somebody in this court-room is." 5. "I have nothing but pity in my heart for the chief witness for the state." 6. "We know all men are not created equal in the sense some people would have us believe — some people are smarter than others, some people have more opportunity because they were born with it, some men make more money than others,


some ladies make better cakes than others, some people are born gifted beyond the normal scope of most men."


4. Complete the following sentences:


1. No matter who he is, he... . 2. No matter who told you that.... 3.... no matter who you are. 4. No matter what I do... . 5. No matter what it may seem.... 6. ... no matter how well he knows the facts. 7. No matter how fine the weather was.... 8.... no matter what it might be. 9. No matter how hard she tried.... 10.1 feel nothing but..". 11. The girl was conscious of nothing but.... 12. They were afraid they would have nothing but...


5. Combine the following sentences into one:


Model: I don't care who this man is. I must tell him not to interfere. No matter who this

man is, he mustn't interfere.


a) 1. It doesn't matter who told you about it. Don't believe it. 2. Somebody may come. You must be ready to receive him. 3. It is not important which of you will carry out this task. It must be done without delay. 4.1 don't think she must take these facts for granted. Somebody might tell her about them. 5. She doesn't care who helps her with her work. She never feels obliged.


Model: a) I don't care how late you may come. Ring me up. I'll be expecting your call.

No matter how late you come, ring me up.

b) She may say anything. Don't believe it. No matter what she says, don't believe



b) 1. Andrew would come very late. His wife would always sit up for him. 2. He does a lot of things. He always does them thoroughly. 3. She is hard to please. She will always find fault with everything I do. 4. You may suggest this or that it will make no difference. He will always object.


6. Paraphrase the following sentences. Use the speech patterns (p. 45):


1. Atticus Finch was never afraid to speak with his children on very complicated topics. 2. She is very lonely and is very


glad when somebody comes to see her. 3. Atticus Finch said that any man who tried to take advantage of a Negro's igno­rance was trash. 4. They tried to spend as little as possible, yet they could not save enough money. 5. You may say whatever you like, yet he will have his own way. 6. I'm too tired and am going to bed. I'm not at home if anybody calls. 7. I'm afraid only of the dark. 8. He did not know the material. He knew only some points which were of no importance. 9. The only thing I'd like to have now is a cup of very hot strong tea.


7. Make up two sentences ofyour own on each pattern. Make up and act out in front of the class a suitable dialogue using the speech patterns. (Pair work)


8. Translate the following sentences into English using the speech patterns:


1. Кто бы ни был этот человек, он не имел права так поступать. 2. Врач всегда должен быть внимателен, кто бы к нему ни обратился, какой бы странной ни казалась жалоба пациента. 3. Она всегда гото­ва помочь, кто бы ни попросил ее о помощи. 4. Что бы ты ни говорил, я все равно тебе не верю. 5. Аттикус Финч знал, что он проиграет процесс, как бы он ни старался доказать, что Том Робинсон невино­вен. 6. Как бы она ни устала, она имеет обыкновение убирать, квар­тиру, прежде чем лечь спать. 7. Его лицо не выражало ничего, кроме негодования. 8. Только операция может спасти вашего сына. 9. Ска­жите ему правду, ничего кроме правды, как бы тяжела она ни была. 10. Мы слышали только легкий шум.


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