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Exercise2. Which of the following words do you expect to see or hear in the article?

§ Street festival Health

§ Boring Murder

§ Party Demonstration

§ Danger Balcony

§ Strike Colourful

§ Prisoners Costumes

§ Arrest Wonderful

§ Music Cloudy

Read to check your ideas.


Exercise3. Answer this question.

What was the problem two years ago and why was Carnival 2002 called a safety success?


Reading / Listening

1. Are the following statements true or false?

a. In Europe, there is a bigger festival than Notting Hill Carnival

b. The weather was very good at Carnival 2002

c. The carnival parade went a different way this year

d. Many activities continued till midnight

e. Over a million people wore special costumes

f. For some people, it was difficult to see the parade

g. Some police danced and partied

h. There were many kinds of music

i. More than half the arrests were for theft

j. The carnival represents only one group or community in London


Follow Up – Writing

You are going to write an article, for an international student magazine, describing a festival or time of celebration in your country.


First of all, get your ideas

§ What festivals are there in your country?

§ Have you been to any?

§ Which one would you like to write about?

§ When does it take place?

§ Where does it take place?

§ What happens at this festival?

§ How does it start? Is there a parade or march? Is there music? Do people dance? Eat? Drink? What can you see?

§ Is it religious?

§ Does the festival have any problems?

§ What words do you need to describe this festival – adjectives, nouns and verbs?


Now plan your article

What title can it have?

The first paragraph is the introduction – what information can you put here?

Your next paragraphs contain the description – think about the history of the festival, what happens and maybe the problems?

Your final paragraph is the conclusion – perhaps give the main reason for somebody to visit your country to see this festival.


Now, write your article…



Match the words on the left with their definitions or synonyms on the right. Use the text to help you.

Hailed as a place many people live

To deal with somethingstood next to the path of the parade

Residential area described / called

Stewardunjustified / without good reason

Paradedsomething that plays music in a public place

Lined the route to take action about something

Glimpsestealing from someone’s pockets

Sound system walked in a public procession

Pick-pocketing a quick look

Ill founded someone who helps control a big event



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