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In the Hall of the Airport.

Simon: Excuse me.

Mr. Gibson: Yes?

Simon: It’s Gibson, isn’t it?

Mr. Gibson: Yes, that’s right.

Simon: So glad to meet you. I’m Simon Steel. How do you do?

Mr. Gibson: How do you do? It was nice of you to meet us.

Simon: It’s a pleasure.

Mr. Gibson: And this is my wife Sally.

Mrs. Gibson: How do you do Mr. Steel?

Simon: How do you do? Did you have a good flight?

Mrs. Gibson: Yes, pretty good, thanks. But I must say I don’t think I’ll ever get used to flying.

Simon: Well, if you’d like to follow me, I’ve got a car waiting outside.

Mr. Gibson: Yes, certainly. Thank you.

Simon: Now, let me help you with your bags, Mrs. Gibson.

Mrs. Gibson: Thank you. There are a bit heavy.

Simon: Right/ This way. It’s not very far.



Who met the Gibsons at the airport? How did Mrs. Gibson like the flight? What did Simon offer her?


I. Act out the following situations:

1. You are in the foyer of the airport. Suddenly you hear an announcement that your flight is delayed. Act out a conversation with an airport official. Find out why there is a delay and how long you are going to wait. Ask what the airline is going to do about meals and hotel accommodation if the plane is delayed for a long time.


2. You are asked to meet Jonathan Williams, an American journalist. You’ve never met him before; you’ve only seen a photograph of his. The plane has just landed and you approach someone who looks like Williams. But you address the wrong man. At last you notice him. You introduce yourself and ask him about the journey. You’ve got a car waiting and take Mr. Williams to the hotel.

Самостоятельная работа студентов

1. Design your own Christmas card
You are going to make a Christmas card. Write a Christmas message inside.

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