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  1. Do you know the English speaking countries?
  2. Speaking
  3. Work in pairs and tell each other what were David and unicyclist speaking about in their dialogue. Use Past tenses.

22 Work in pairs and describe to each other your best friend or your relative. Mention some personal details, such as his/her name, age, where he/she lives, then describe his/her appearance and character. Speak for about three minutes.

Role play

Two students in the class are police detectives. The others are witnesses who saw a very dangerous criminal when he was trying to rob the bank. All the witnesses saw different details of the criminal’s appearance. The police want to find the criminal, but first they have to draw his portrait. They have only 1 minute for each witness.

Ø Police detectives: ask witnesses questions about all the details of criminal’s appearance, and draw his portrait.


Ø Witnesses: answer the detectives’ questions.


Imagine you are a reporter. You have to write an article in about 100 words describing some famous person. You will find the paragraph plan in the work book.

Choose two people you know well and compare their appearance and character. Use the comparative and superlative adjectives. Write about 100 words.


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