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Complete the dialogues using the Present Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets.

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Example A:What’s Jenny doing?

B: She’s talking(She/talk) to her mother on the phone.

1 A: What are John and Michael doing?

B: (They/play) a game of cards.

2 A: Where (you/go)?

B: I’m going to the shops.

3 A: Where’s Harry?

B: (He/make) a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

4 A:(the weather get) better?

B: No, it’s very cold outside.

5 A:(Paul/do) a course?

B: Yes, he’s studying Business Management.

6 A: (you/listen) to me?

B: Yes, of course I’m listening to you.

7 A: What (he/cook)?

B: He’s cooking an Italian dish.

8 A:(you/wait) for the number 36 bus?

B: No? I’m waiting for a different bus.

9 A: (it/rain) at the moment?

B: No, it’s quite sunny now.

10 A: Where’s your car?

B: It’s at home. (It/not/work) at the moment.

26 Sonia is an English school girl. She’s fifteen. This week she’s doing work experience in a hotel.


A Look at the activities below. Make sentences about Sonia under the headings.

cycle to school not go to school

work in a hotel not go to the city centre

study French grammar have meals with her colleagues

make new friends speak French with hotel guests

play volleyball with friends eat sandwiches for lunch

not meet new people do homework in the evening

wear best skirt every day not do any homework

What does Sonia usually do or not do? What is Sonia doing or not doing this week?
She cycles to school. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 She isn’t going to school. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

B Look at this telephone conversation Sonia had with her granny and complete the spaces using the verbs in the box.

do do do not go get up help like not like prefer look forward to start stay understand work not work

Granny: Hello, dear, how are you this week?

Sonia:I’m fine thanks, Granny. How are you?

Granny:Oh, not bad. How’s school?

Sonia:(a) I’m not goingto school this week.

Granny:Why not? Are you ill?

Sonia:No, I (b) work experience.

Granny:What’s that?

Sonia:At my school, everyone (c) a week of work experience when they’re fifteen to learn about having a job. I (d) in a hotel.

Granny:What (e) in the hotel? I hope you (f) in the kitchen. That’s very hard.

Sonia:No, not in the kitchen. I (g) the receptionist and the manager.

Granny:Is that nice?

Sonia:Yes. Well, I (h) working with the manager, she’s really friendly. But I (i) helping the receptionist because I can talk to the guests. I can practise my French because some French people (j)in the hotel. I (k) almost everything they say. Isn’t that great?

Granny:Yes, that’s very good.

Sonia:Yes. But I’m tired. When I go to school, I (l) at half past seven, but this week I (m)work at seven o’clock. I (n)waking up early!

Granny:Oh, well, you can have a good rest at the weekend.

Sonia:Oh, yes. I (o) it.


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