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Choose the best verb and underline it.

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  1. B Now listen again and write the words Dan uses under the ones that you underlined.
  2. C Use a dictionary to check any underlined phrases that are new. Then discuss with your partner whether you think the sentences are true or false.
  3. Choose between the infinitive and the gerund as the object to an adjective in the following sentences
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VANESSA Good morning, everyone! How are you today?
JULIA Hi, Vanessa! I’m fine! How are you? Are you feeling OK?
VANESSA Great, thanks. Listen. This is Dale. He’s the new assistant. Dale, this is Julia; she’s the producer. She makes/is making the programmes.
DALE Hello, Julia. It’s nice to meet you.
JULIA Nice to meet you too, Dale.
VANESSA Oh, and this is Maive.
DALE Hello, Maive. What do you do/are you doing?
MAIVE I’m the camera person. I work/I’m working with John. John, come over here and say hello to Dale.
JOHN Hi, Dale.
DALE Hi. What do you do, John?
JOHN I’m the video engineer. I record/I’m recording the programmes.
JULIA OK, everyone. It’s 10.30. It’s time to do some work. Vanessa, what do we wait/are we waiting for?
VANESSA I wait/I’m waiting for you! I’m always waiting for you!
JULIA Well, not always. Sometimes.


5 Tick (√) the true sentences.

1 Dale is standing in front of the camera.  
2 He should stand in front of the camera.  
3 Vanessa is the recording engineer.  
4 Vanessa is presenting the programme.  


Put these sentences in the right position.

a who are living in Britain.

b When we’re filming, stand behind the camera, please.

cHe’s standing right in front of the camera.


VANESSA OK. Who’s first?
JULIA It’s Tim. OK. Let’s do it.
MAIVE Er, Julia. Excuse me.
JULIA Yes, what is it, Maive?
MAIVE Er, it’s Dale. (1) . I can’t see Vanessa.
JULIA Oh, dear. Dale, please. (2) . There, or there.
DALE Sorry, Julia. Is it all right?
JULIA Yes, that’s fine. Thanks, Dale. Right, Vanessa.
VANESSA Hello. Welcome to Reward TV. Today we talk to some people from America, Canada and Australia (3) .


Watch part 1 again and check your answers.




Work in pairs. Here are some answers to the questions Vanessa asks. Write the questions.


1 My name is Tim Pedlar, and I’m from Sydney, Australia. - What’s your name?


2 I live in London.

3 I usually get up at six thirty in the morning.

4 I’m an actor.

5 Inside my kitchen there is a very large wooden table …

6 I like living in England very much.

7 I like playing cricket. I like listening to music.

8 I don’t like getting up in the morning.

9 I hate queuing in line at theatres because the lines are so long.

10 Right now I’m standing on the banks of the River Thames.

Watch Part 2 and match the questions with the answers.


1 Where is Tim from? a Ottawa

2 What does Jason do? b American

3 Where does Peter live? c Sydney

4 What nationality is Suzanne LaPrade? d Brisbane

5 Where is Nina from? e London

6 Where is Suzanne Bakker from? factor

7 Where is Teresa from? g Montreal


Write full answers to the questions in activity 10. Add any further information which you read in activity 1 or heard in Part 2.



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