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Read and listen to the text.

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The happiest person in Britain


What does he do?

He has a steady job in an office in London. After a hard day at work, he relaxes in front of the television or watches a video. He doesn’t go out every evening, but two evenings a week he meets friends for a drink in the local pub. He owns a pet, usually a dog, and takes it for a walk every day after work. He spends on average £120 per week.

Where does he go?

At the weekend, he regularly eats in restaurants, goes to see shows, and plays a sport (usually golf). Most weekends he puts on a pair of old blue jeans, and potters in the garden. He usually goes on holiday abroad more than once a year.


What does his wife do?

His wife is happy, too, but not quite as happy. She runs the home and has a job, but she doesn’t earn as much as her husband.


Ask and answer questions about John Smith.


Example: … married? → Is he married? – Yes, he is.


a Where … live?

b What … do?

c How many children …?

d How … relax after work?

e How much … per week?

f What … do at the weekend?

g How often … holiday abroad?


Now listen and check your answers.

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