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Tell a partner about your typical day. Make positive and negative sentences. Use the verbs in the box.

Example: I usually get up at eight o’clock and then I have a shower.

I don’t often have breakfast…

wake up get up get dressed go to work/university get to work / university start / finish work / university get home have a shower / bath have breakfast / lunch / dinner go to bed



Read the introduction to the article about Anthony Hopkins. Imagine his lifestyle.


3 Student A: read Part 1,

Student B: read Part 2 for two minutes.

Tell your partner at least five things about his day.

Example: A: He gets up very early, at 6.30


Sir Anthony Hopkins


Part 1


Every day I get up at about 6.30 a. m., and I put on a tracksuit and go jogging for a couple of miles in the park. I go back home for breakfast. I have a grapefruit and an orange. I never use public transport in London, and I walk for miles, to meetings, to the dentist’s – everywhere.

In the mornings, even when I’m not making a film, I always do something. I usually spend at least 90 minutes learning the script for my next film. I use a highlighter pen to mark each line. It helps me remember the words. I never read a newspaper or listen to the radio because it’s all bad news.

I usually have a sandwich for lunch. I eat very fast – I don’t really enjoy any meals because I’m always restless. I’m not good at relaxing. The only time I rest during the day is at about 3.00 every afternoon, when I have a 15-minute sleep.


Part 2


After my sleep I read the new scripts that people send me. I usually know after ten pages if they’re good or not. Sometimes I do some shopping. We have a little Renault car, but I prefer walking. I like buying clothes, especially suits, by Armani or Cerruti.

My wife Jenni cooks in the evening, just a light dinner. I’m a terrible cook. We go out perhaps once or twice a week. We usually meet a friend and his wife. We hardly ever watch TV. I have a small television but it’s in a cupboard. When we don’t go out I play the piano after dinner, or I listen to messages on my answerphone and call people back.

I go to bed at about 10.30 p.m. and go to sleep quickly. But I often wake up at 4.00 in the morning, and listen to the noise of London and think about the next day.


4 Read both parts. Find words which mean:


a trousers and a jacket or sweater people wear for sport

b a large, yellow fruit

c the text of a film or TV programme

d a coloured pen you use to mark important information

e always moving, never quiet

f trousers and a jacket that go together

g a machine which takes phone messages

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