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A Complete the expressions from the text to make up collocations.

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  1. B. Complete the following sentences with the Past Simple Tense of the verbs of the previous exercise.
  2. Complete the diagram.
  3. Complete the dialogues using the Present Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets.
  4. Complete the following using the Infinitive
  5. Complete the gaps 1-6 with missing parts A-G. One part is extra. Fill the table with answers.
  6. Complete the sentences 1-10 below with the gerund as subject. You should use your own variants. The first is given for you.
  7. Complete the sentences by putting the verb in brackets into Future Simple Passive.
  8. Complete the sentences filling in the appropriate word from the box. Each word should be used once. Pay attention to the form of the word you insert.
  9. Complete the sentences, as in the example.

1 to go _____________________________________________________

2 to play ____________________________________________________

3 to collect __________________________________________________

4 to take ____________________________________________________

5 to take part in _______________________________________________


B Using these collocations tell about the preferences in spending your spare time.

9 There are expressions in the text: a nation of splashers, but not a nation of swimmers. Discuss in pairs what the author wanted to say us using these expressions and who you are – a swimmer or a splasher.


10 In pairs, within one minute try to give an answer to the question given in the text: Should sport be taken seriously or should it just be fun?

11 Make up a diagram based on popularity of sports in Britain. Say what kinds of sports are the most/least popular in Britain.

12 Make a report about leisure activities in your country. Analyze magazines and newspapers and tell the class within one minute what have you got. Make your presentation according to the plan:

· In general, what people prefer doing in their free time

· The most popular activity during the past years

· The favourite way of spending free time nowadays



Say what you know about deep-sea diving. Name other water sports and say whether they are typical for your region or not. Give the reasons.

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