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A Work with a partner. Pay attention to the words and their definitions.

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  1. B Now listen again and write the words Dan uses under the ones that you underlined.
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  3. BēonThis verb was highly suppletive and in OE employed two separate words/roots
  4. Choose one point and discuss it with a partner.
  5. Complete the sentences filling in the appropriate word from the box. Each word should be used once. Pay attention to the form of the word you insert.
  6. Ex. 1: Compare the source text with its translations; what does the translation of the words in italics depend on? Give your translation.
  7. Ex. З: Compare the source text with its translation. Comment on the way of translation of the italicized words. Give your translation.
  8. Ex.1. Put questions to the sentences using the words in brackets.
  9. Ex.5. Put the words in the correct order. If necessary, add preposition to.


to keep under control to control or oppress smb
to take care of to make sure that smb is safe; to look after oneself
hazardous dangerous, risky
to drown to die in water or other liquid because one is unable to breathe
misuse of the use of smth in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose
a diving board a raised board for diving
a steep slope sudden and a very big area of
to duck to go or push smb under water for a short time
to distract attention to take smb’s attention away from smth
to keep an eye to watch or check smb/smth to make sure they are safe
to watch out to take care
extra precautions an additional action taken in advance to avoid danger, prevent problems
to distort to pull or twist smth out of its usual shape


B Now read the text A, B and C and try to guess what the purpose of these texts is.

· to make the reader laugh

· to complain about people’s behaviour

· to give people advice

· to give the writer’s opinion


A Wherever you go, follow the country code.

Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work

Guard against all risk of fire

Fasten all gates

Keep your dogs under close control

Keep to public paths across farmland

Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls

Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone

Take your litter home

Help to keep all water clean

Protect wildlife, plants and trees

Take special care on country roads

Make no unnecessary noise



Beware of the cold. Lake water does not rise in temperature like the sea.

Watch out for sudden changes in the weather.

Watch out for broken glass on the lake shore.

If you see anyone in difficulties notify the Police Immediately. Go to the nearest telephone and dial 999.


Some extra precautions are needed if you are to enjoy winter walking. Remember that daylight hours are shorter and walking conditions can be difficult. Your plan should not be too ambitious. Carry some extra clothing. In conditions of snow and ice each member of the party should carry an ice axe and know how to use it. Boots are essential for winter conditions, with soles and uppers which are rigid enough to prevent distorting on hard snow slopes.


Look at the synonyms of the words which are mentioned in the texts and try to guess what words are meant.


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