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Listen to Sam and Sarah and tick the things that they used to do when

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they were children and cross the things that they didn’t use to do. Then make up sentences, as in the example.

play with computers  
have their own private telephone lines  
play outdoors  
play with their friends in the street  
go fishing  
go swimming in the river  
lock their doors  
have early nights  
wear a uniform to school  
go to school six days a week  
visit their grandparents in the school holidays  

Example: Sam and Sarah didn’t use to play with computers.


Interview each other and complete the chart. Then tell about the results.

Example: Do you like golf/tennis/football/basketball/volleyball?

    golf tennis   football   basketball   another sport
1 Do you like …?                    
2 Have you ever watched …?                    
3 Have you ever played…?                    
4 Do you know the rules of …?                    
5 Are you good at …?                    
6 Have you played … recently?          


You are going to watch an episode about Clive and Kevin who arranged

A game of golf and Alison and Sharon who arranged a game of tennis.

a Watch the episode. How much can you remember? Put a tick in the correct box.

True False

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