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The odd word out.

Wind-surfing board camera wetsuit sail
Knitting needles ropes wool patterns
Rafting paddles life-jacket raft binoculars
Fishing trainers boat fishing rod hooks
Stamp-collecting album stamps helmet magnifying glass
Scuba-diving mask oxygen tank life-jacket flippers
Rock-climbing ropes boots light clothes bat
Painting palette canvas brushes club
Skydiving skis parachute gloves goggles
Football shorts stick trainers ball
Jet-skiing life-jacket jet ski flippers swimming suit  


14 Now read the list of skills/qualities and say which are needed for the above sports and hobbies.



Skills/qualities needed:



Example: You need to be fit and strong and you must also have a good sense of balance to go wind-surfing.

15 Read the following information and decide what hobby/sport would be best/worst for each person, giving reasons as in the example. Then say which hobby/sport you would like to do and why.

1 Jim likes adventure a lot and is in excellent physical condition. He works well with others but he is impatient.

Example: I think that the best hobby for Jim would be rafting because you have to be fit and cooperative. I think that fishing would be the worst hobby for Jim because he isn’t patient.

2 Antony is a very active person and quite fit, but he can’t afford o buy expensive equipment.

3 Peter is a very energetic person who enjoys taking risks. He loves anything to do with the sea.

4 David is very adventurous. He loves being close to nature, especially in the mountains.


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