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The advertisement and say which activities you choose for your family. Take

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into consideration all members’ tastes. Speak within 30 seconds.


Your teacher is going to organize a Balloon Debate.

Four people are flying high above the earth in a balloon. Unfortunately the balloon develops a tiny hole. In order to bring the balloon down safety three people have to be thrown overboard! All the people in the balloon represent either a sport or a hobby. The class will vote on what should be thrown overboard. Speak about one minute. Begin your speech like this: “I think you should vote for me because I represent …”

Use the following phrases to help you:

-Without … people can’t…

- This sport/hobby is good for you because

- With the help of this …. people can ….

- I need people because …

Try to think of some good reasons to persuade the class why you should stay in the balloon!

Write an article about Joe Peterson. Write about 100-120 words.





1 People who ‘follow’ celebrities are called ‘fans’. Tell the class any stories about fans if you know. These words can help you.

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