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A Letter

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Dear Jane!

I am very happy in my new job and my new town. In fact I’m much happier than I was before. I like my new job very much. It’s much better than my old one. My boss is more polite than my old boss. My office is larger than the previous one. My co-workers are more friendly than the ones I worked with before. My working hours are shorter than the working hours at my old job. And my salary is higher than my previous salary. I also like my new town. In general it’s much cleaner, the buildings are nicer, and the weather is warmer and the people are more hospitable. You should visit me here. I think you’ll like it a lot. Please write soon.

Yours sincerely, Lucy.


b) Answer the questions:

1. What does Lucy think of her new job? 2. Does she like her new boss? Why? 3. What does she think about her new co-workers? 4. What else does she like about her new job? 5. What is her impression of her new town?


c) Retell the text.

Exercise 23. Use the adjectives in the brackets in comparative degree.

1. This problem is (complicated) than we at first thought. 2. The discovery which was made by the team of American researchers is (important) than it may seem. 3. The new building of the institute is (big) than the old one. 4. You have made many mistakes. You must be (attentive). 5. Microbiology studies (simple) organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, and others. 6. Pharmacognosy is as (difficult) as botany. 7. Pharmacology is not so (easy) as you say. 8. The weather today is (bad) than yesterday. 9. It is necessary to work (much) to become a pharmacist.

Exercise 24. Use the italicized adjectives in superlative degree.

1. I think that your theory is logical. It’s … I’ve heard so far. 2. Metabolism is very important for living organisms. It is one of … life activities. 3. Your explanation is very good. It is … which has been given for this phenomenon. 4. Professor K. is very famous. He is one of … physiologists in the world. 5. The operation was good. It was one of … of its kind. 6. Molecules are tiny units of which all substances are composed. They are … of any substance which preserve the properties of this substance in chemical reactions. 7. The discovery of antibiotics was really great. It was one of … in the history of medicine. 8. Show me, please, a short way to the station. This is … way to the station.



Exercise 25. Use the proper forms of adjectives.

1. My (oldest, eldest) brother is an engineer. I’ve got two brothers. They are (older, elder) than I am.

2. Oxford and Cambridge are the (oldest, eldest) universities in Great Britain.

3. If you need (farther, further) information ask the doctor on duty, please.

4. The university was situated much (farther, further) than we expected.

5. The state of the patient changed for the (worst, worse).

6. We have got (less, least) time than I thought.

7. I need (more, most) time to finish the work.

Exercise 26. Translate into English.

1. Какое здание самое высокое в вашем городе? 2. Она старше своей сестры. 3. Мне нужна комната поменьше. 4. Это самое сложное задание в контрольной работе. 5. Его ситуация более серьезная, чем мы думали. 6. Новое здание университета больше и лучше старого. 7. Он лучший студент в нашей группе. 8. Ваша лабораторная работа самая плохая. 9. Дождливая погода хуже солнечной.


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