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Exercise 2. Point out the adverbs and define the group each belongs to.

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Exercise 1. State the morphological composition of the following adverbs

Where, abroad, too, tenfold, nowadays, inside, quickly, underneath, once, twice, beyond, then, eastward, otherwise, upstairs, rarely, late, outside, ahead, forever, so, beneath, forward, fast, scarcely, inquiringly, sometimes, good-naturedly.


Exercise 2. Point out the adverbs and define the group each belongs to.

I. She talked to them naturally, sang a little song to them... And gave them their Sunday toys. (Buck) 2. He [Jolyon] was free to go off with his easel where and when he liked. (Galsworthy) 3. The man must have had diabolically acute hearing. (Wells) 4. Patients insist on having microbes nowadays. (Shaw) 5. As soon as Annette found herself outside, she began to run. (Murdoch) 6. I never felt better in my life. (Saroyan) 7. I think sometimes there is nothing before me but hard work... (Galsworthy) 8. It was as if his soul had been cramped and his eyes bandaged from the hour of his birth. Why had he lived such a life? Why had he submitted to things, blundered into things? (Wells) 9. Yes, George had lived too fast, or he would not have been dying twenty years before his time — too fast. (Galsworthy) 10. She consulted her husband at once. (Galsworthy) 11. Fleur having declared that it was "simply too wonderful to stay indoors," they all went out. (Galsworthy) 12. And she lived at Mapledurham a jolly name, too, on the river somewhere. (Galsworthy) 13. A week later I am visited by a very stylishly dressed young woman. (Saroyan) 14. They had been dancing together. (Dreiser) 15. He (Soarnes) remembered her birthday well — he had always observed it religiously. (Galsworthy)

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