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Construct the sentences using the prompts below and then make them negative and interrogative.

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  1. A) Practise using the words and word combinations in bold type to make other comparisons between some two-four regions of Russia. Write your best sentences down.
  2. A) Put the words in brackets in the correct places in the sentences.
  4. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  5. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  6. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  7. American Terminology is sometimes confusing
  8. B) Make sentences with the pairs of objects as in the model.
  9. B) Speak about the traffic in this country using the word combinations in bold type.
  10. B) Think of situations or microdialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a reply to it using the words mentioned above.
  Model:Adam – read – exercise. Adam can read the exercise. Adam can’t read the exercise. Can Adam read the exercise?  
1. Eve – write – words – numbers. 2. Bob – open – door. 3. Ann – translate – this text. 4. Andrew – close – window. 5. John – take – book. 6. Mary – give – pen. 7. Linda – put – pencil – desk. 8. Jack – speak – English. 9. Helen – put – plates – blue box. 10. Adam – translate – these words.



—Answer the questions.


1. Can you say what’s in your bag? 2. Can you count to a billion? 3. Can you say your phone number? 4. Can you introduce yourself? 5. Can you drive a car? 6. Can you bring me some water? 7. Can you understand cats and dogs?


1. How many words can you write a minute? 2. How many books can you read a day? 3. How many texts can you translate today? 4. How many girls can you see? 5. How many bottles can you open a minute? 6. How much

water can you drink a day? 7. How many windows can you see? 8. How many words can you translate in this exercise? 9. How many exercises can you do tonight? 10. How many exercises can we write down during a lesson?

a) Can is also used to speak about requests and offers. Match the sentences.

1. Can you turn on the light? a. I can’t open it.
2. Can you speak slowly? b. I can’t see.
3. Can you look for my keys? c. I can’t remember it.
4. Can you help me with this window? d. I can’t find them.
5. Can you hurry, please? e. I can’t understand you.
6. Can you say your name again? f. I can’t wait.


b)²Use the words to write questions with can in the left-hand column. Match these questions with the answers from the opposite column. Listen and check.

1. can / me / tell / time / you / the / please? a. Yes, of course. Do you want Coca-Cola or orange juice?
2. can / speak / you / slowly / more / please? b. Yes, please. I want to buy this postcard.
3. can / come / to / my / you / party? c. It’s about three thirty.
4. can / help / I / you? d. I am sorry. Can you understand now?
5. can / have / a / cold / I / drink / please? e. I’m sorry. I can’t. It’s my grandma’s birthday.



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