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A) Put the words in brackets in the correct places in the sentences.

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  1. A) Practise using the words and word combinations in bold type to make other comparisons between some two-four regions of Russia. Write your best sentences down.
  2. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  3. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  4. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  6. B) Think of situations or microdialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a reply to it using the words mentioned above.
  7. C) Match the words and pictures. Some words are extra.
  8. Check the meaning of the words in the box
  9. Chinese measure words
1. I listen to the radio. (seldom) 2. I stay with my parents on Saturdays. (sometimes) 3. Caroline eats fish. (never) 4. I don’t eat in a restaurant. (often) 5. I get up late on Sundays. (usually) 6. It’s very hot in August in Italy. (always) 7. The Browns go to Greece on holiday. (usually) 8. It is cold in

January. (always) 9. Tom is late. (often) 10. I listen to a CD when I drive my car. (usually) 11. I have dinner with my friend Roger when I’m in London. (always) 12. He drinks tea in the morning. (sometimes) 13. I’m tired. (often) 14. My boyfriend is late. (never) 15. The children walk to school. (usually) 16. I see my uncle and aunt. (hardly ever) 17. Cats are nice. (often) 18. In summer I go to the country. (very often) 19. Parrots eat meat. (never)

b) ²Rewrite the sentence with the word in brackets. Listen and check.

1. Mike works on Saturday morning. (always) 2. He goes to bed late on Friday night. (sometimes) 3. He hears the alarm clock. (hardly ever) 4. He is tired. (always) 5. He eats a big breakfast. (usually) 6. He is late for work. (often)

c) ²Listen and complete the text with the h-words.

H_____’s unh_____. H____ h_____ ever h_____ breakfast. H____ usually eats h_____. H_____’s always in a h_____. H_____’s often h_____ an h_____ late for work.



Complete the sentences with an adverb of frequency.

never always hardly ever sometimes usually


1. They _____ drive – they don’t have a car. 2. I _____ drink wine – only at Christmas. 3. She _____ eats meat. She doesn’t like it. 4. He doesn’t have a watch so he’s _____ late. 5. We _____ get up at 7.30, only at weekends. 6. I don’t do a lot of exercise but I _____ go swimming.



²Listen and complete the sentences.


1. I _____ have _____. 2. They _____ finish _____ at _____. 3. She _____ watches _____ in the _____. 4. He _____ eats _____.
1. He _____ works late. 2. He _____ buys a pizza. 3. He _____ goes out _____ the _____.


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