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Make the sentences negative.

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  1. A) Practise using the words and word combinations in bold type to make other comparisons between some two-four regions of Russia. Write your best sentences down.
  2. A) Put the words in brackets in the correct places in the sentences.
  3. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  4. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  5. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  6. B) Make sentences with the pairs of objects as in the model.
  7. B) Write sentences of your own using the phrases in bold type. Address them to the other students who should reply them expressing their approval or disapproval.
  8. Change these sentences by changing certain adjectives into verbs.
  9. Comment on the meaning of the modal verbs and translate the sentences into Russian;
  10. Complete the following sentences a) using the Conditional Mood;
1. Milk is healthy. 2. My brother loves fish. 3. We always go to the park. 4. Cats are nice. 5. That child always sleeps well. 6. They live in Lviv. 7. The house is very big. 8. My children go to school. 9. My dog likes meat. 10. I work with these people. 11. His name is Steve. 12. Dogs are clever.13. She often comes to see us. 14. You are at home. 15. Laura always

talks a lot. 16. Snow is hot. 17. His friend has three children. 18. We often play tennis at weekend. 19. I have two cats. 20. I get up at seven a.m. every day.


Make the following sentences negative. Then give the right information.

1. Dogs like cats. 2. Children love milk. 3. Fish is blue. 4. Milk is green. 5. Monday is a day off. 6. The sky is yellow. 7. Cats eat apples. 8. Ukrainians speak Spanish. 9. Doctors swim at work.


²Make the following sentences negative. Translate into Ukrainian. Listen and check. Add the extra information you hear.

1. She lives in the town. _____ 2. He gets up at 10 o’clock. _____ 3. She has a big breakfast. _____ 4. He has a dog. _____ 5. She works in an office. _____ 6. He cooks dinner in the evening. _____ 7. She goes to bed early. _____ 8. They go out in the evening. _____


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