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Study some tips concerning the organization of an informal letter and write a similar one to your penfriend about you.

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Your address (right upper corner): house number, street name (district), city, post code date     10 Church Lane Sunnyside, New York 11104 February 12
Greeting:dear + name Dear Maria,  
Introduction I’m very happy that we are penfriends and I can tell you about myself in English.  
Body of the letter: where you live, who you live with, what you do, what you like, etc I live in New York, it’s a very nice and big city. My apartment is near a big park where I can take my dog, Mickey, for a walk. I live with my parents and my brother, Paul. Our family is friendly. I study at the university where I have a lot of friends. I study two languages: English and German and want to be an interpreter. In the evenings I sometimes see friends or stay at home and listen to music and at weekends I play football or go to the gym.  
Ending: to a friend:Best wishes/Regards to a very close person:Love I hope we can become good friends. Please, write to me soon! Best wishes,  
Your name or signature Francis Jones


A) Danka is an English student at an English language school in Brighton, England. Read her email to Jacek, her brother in Poland. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate verb forms.

From: To: Date: Subject: Danka@brighton.ac.uk Jacek.2006@star.com 12th July Hi!
Dear Jacek, How are you? I _____ (be) fine. Here’s a letter in English. It _____ (be) good practice for you and me! I _____ (have) classes in English at The Embassy Language School. I _____ (be) in a class with seven students. They _____ (be) all from different countries: Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Our teacher’s name _____ (be) Simon. He _____ (be) very funny and a very good teacher. I _____ (live) with an English family in a small, old house near the centre of town. Robert and Valerie _____ (have) a daughter and a son. Their daughter, Becky, _____ (be) 19. She _____ (be) a student at Brighton University. Their son, James, _____ (be) a software designer for a computer company. He _____ (be) 25. They _____ (be) all very friendly, but it _____ (not/be) easy to understand them. They _____ (speak) very fast! Brighton _____ (not/be) very big, but it _____ (be) very exciting! The restaurants and nightclubs _____ (be) expensive, but the student bars and cafés _____ (be) cheap. It _____ (be) hot now, but it _____ (be) lovely near the sea. I _____ (be) very happy here.
  Email to me soon. Love, Danka.

b)²Listen and check.

c) Correct the statements about Danka’s email.

1. Danka is from Argentina. 2. Danka is from Poland. 3. She is in London. 4. Danka is happy in Brighton. 5. Her class is very big. 6. The students in her class are all from Germany. 7. Becky and James are both students. 8. The student bars are cheap. 4. She is on holiday.

d) Write the questions about Danka’s email.

1. _________________? Poland.

2. _________________? Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

3. _________________? Simon.

4. _________________? They are brother and sister. They live with Danka.

5. _________________? James is twenty five and Becky’s nineteen.

6. _________________? No. Brighton isn’t big.

e)²Listen to three conversations. Where is Danka? Who is she with?

1. … 2. … 3. …

f) Write a similar email to your friend/brother/sister/parents about you.



a)²Listen to the postcard from Dona and Sergio from Dublin. Complete the gaps.


Dear Alan,

We’re on _____ in Dublin this _____. Our _____ is very _____ – old and _____. The people are very _____, and the _____ is delicious. Irish _____ is good and the beer is _____!

Dublin is _____. It’s a _____ city, with a lot of _____ buildings, and it isn’t _____. The weather is _____! It’s wet and it’s _____!


See you _____.


Love, Dona and Sergio (your _____ students!)


b)—Answer the questions.

1. Who is the postcard from? 2. Where are they? 3. Why are they in Dublin? 4. Is their holiday good? 5. What isn’t good?


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