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Write questions for these answers.

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  3. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
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1. We live in London. 2. They get up at 6 o’clock. 3. No, she doesn’t smoke. 4. She speaks Spanish and Italian. 5. He works here, we don’t. 6. We live here because we like this town. 7. He has coffee with sugar every morning. 8. Yes, I like it. 9. I prefer green, not black tea. And without sugar, please. 10. No, I don’t read newspapers. 11. Because it is not tasty. 12. John likes only apples and wine; he prefers green tea, too.



Choose the correct response from those in the right-hand column:

1. What is your friend? a) He is a doctor. b) He is nice.
2. What’s your friend’s name? a) Her name is Ann. b) She is Ann.
3. What does Alex do? a) It’s a student. b) He’s a student.
4. How old is he? a) Fifteen years. b) He’s fifteen.
5. Does he have a dog? a) No, he doesn’t. b) No, he hasn’t.


²Alessandra and Woody are at a party in London. Listen to the conversation. Tick what Woody says.

1. I work in London. I don’t work in London. 4. You don’t speak English very well. You don’t speak English very well.
2. I live in London. I live in Brighton. 5. I like Italy. I love Italy.
3. I’m an actor. I’m a doctor. 6. I like the food and the wine much. I hate the food and the wine much.


²—Write the questions to match the answers. How many can you guess? Listen and check. Practice them with a partner.

1. By bus. 5. Because it’s an international language.
2. Toast and coffee. 6. Not a lot. About two pounds.
3. I don’t have a favourite. I like a lot. 7. They start at nine o’clock.
4. In an office in the center of town. 8. Three.


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