At a Party

  1. From the Conservative Party From the Labour Party Manifesto Manifesto
  2. Gerry Thatcher's party The doorbell rings. Maxwell opens the door.
  3. Keine Party ohne Alkohol
  4. Party support
  6. )Peter was late for the party, so when he went into the room all guests had been introduced to each other.
M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M: B: M:   B: M: B: M:   B: M: - Excuse me, do you speak English? - Yes, a little. - May I introduce myself? My name is Michael First. - How do you do, Mr. First. Im William Brown. - How do you do, Mr. Brown. - Call me Bill for short. May I call you Mike? - Yes, please. - Thank you. - Where are you from, Bill? - I am from France. Where do you come from? - I am from Scotland. What do you do, Bill? - Im a businessman. What about you? - Im a doctor at hospital. Are you here on business? - Yes, I am. And you? - Im here on holiday. Where do you work? - I work for a software company. Here is my business card. - Thank you. And here is mine. - Where do you stay here? (Where are you staying here?) - At my friends place, here is my telephone number. - Are you here for the first time? - No, Im not. I often come here. What about you? - This is my first visit to Germany. - Do you like Germany? - Of course, very much. Its a nice country. - I like it, too. Are you here with your family? - Im here with my wife. She likes Germany. - Im here with my wife and daughter. They like it very much, too. Excuse me, I need to go. Nice meeting you, Bill. - Thank you. It was nice to see you, too. - I hope to see you later. - I hope so, too. Call me tomorrow. - Of course. We may have dinner together. - Thats a wonderful idea. Best regards to your wife and daughter. - Thanks, likewise. Good bye. - See you later.

b)—Fill in the table below with the necessary (imaginary) information and then act a dialogue with your partner.

ü Name ü Place of work ü Alone/family
ü Country you are from ü First visit? ü Stay/like?
ü Aim of visit ü Stay/where? ü Lunch/dinner
ü Occupation/Position ü Telephone number ü Call/when?


²—Listen and complete the dialogues. Practice similar dialogues with a partner.


A: Good _____.
B: _____. Im Pablo Torres. I have a reservation.
A: How do you spell your _____?
B: T-O-R-R-E-S.
A: _____?
B: T-O-R-R-E-S.
A: _____ you.
2) 3)
A: Excuse _____, are you Harry?
B: Yes, I am.
A: Im Jim Brown. Nice to _____ you.
B: _____ afternoon, Mr Brown. Nice to meet _____ too.
A: And how do you _____ your surname?
B: C-A-R-T-E-R.


A: _____.
B: Hello. Whats your _____ name?
A: Clunie.
B: _____ do you _____ your name?
A: C-L-U-N-I-E.
B: _____ you.



4) 5)
A: _____. My _____ is Marco. Whats your _____?
B: Emma.
A: _____ are you _____, Emma?
B: Im _____ London.


A: _____. My _____ is Lisa. _____s your _____?
B: Mike.
A: _____ are you _____, Mike?
B: Im _____ Boston.
A: _____ are you _____?
B: Im _____ Boston, _____.



A: Hello, Mike.
B: _____ Sam. How _____ you?
A: Fine, _____. And you?
B: Im OK, thanks. This is _____. Shes a _____ from work.
A: _____ to meet you.
B: Hi.
A: _____, were in a hurry. See you _____. Bye.
B: _____.


²Listen, repeat and complete the three dialogues. Then say whether the sentences below are right or wrong. Correct the wrong sentences.

1) 3)
A: _____. Were John and Sally Clark.
B: _____. Youre in room _____ and theyre in room _____.
C: _____ you.


A: Hurry _____! Were _____!
B: We arent late. _____ is from _____ to _____. And Mike isnt _____.
A: _____! Are you _____?
B: No, we arent. Were _____.
A: Are you on _____?
C: Yes, we _____.
A: Were on _____, too. Were Liz and Trevis _____ Texas.
D: _____! Have a nice _____!
C: Good _____.


1. John and Sally are in room 212. 4. Liz and Travis are English.
2. Breakfast is from 6 to 10. 5. John and Sally are on holiday.
3. John and Sally arent American. 6. Liz and Travis arent on holiday.


²Listen to Alison checking in. Answer the questions.

1. Does the receptionist call Alison Ms Gray or Mrs Gray? 2. Why is Alison here? 3. How many nights is she here for? 4. What is her room number? 5. What times breakfast? 6. Which floor is the Pavilion Restaurant on?




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