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Answer the questions of the quiz.

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1 What are the first four phases of culture shock ?.

A honeymoon, recovery, regression, rejection

B honeymoon, recovery, reaction, rejection

C honeymoon, rejection, regression, recovery

D honeymoon, regression, recovery, rejection,

E honeymoon, rejection, reaction, recovery,


2 Which of the following words means something that surprises or upsets you?

A adjust B cue C cure D shock E hint


3 This word refers to the history, language, art and food of a particular nation or people.

A identity B illusion C honeymoon D phase E culture


4 You can use this verb to talk about changing the channel or volume on your TV, changing the way you sit in your chair, or becoming more comfortable in a new culture.

A cue B hint C reject D adjust E recover


5 Which of the following words means a signal or sign for you to do something?


A idiom B slang C hint D cure E cue


6 According to the reading, which of the following words has the same meaning as "phase"?
The reading talked about the phases of culture shock or of the life of a butterfly.

A stage B facet C aspect D step E cue



7 If somebody arrives in a new country, that person is a foreigner; however, there is a friendlier, a better word we can use to describe someone from another country. What is it?

A newlywed

B newcomer

C outsider

D immigrant

E emigrant


3.Complete the paragraph by filling in the appropriate word: disease, slang, culture, idioms, cues, shock, newcomer, gestures, adjust. (One word is not used)

In this reading we learned about the (1) _____shock________that can happen to people who move from their homeland to another country or (2)_______culture________. This culture shock happens because the (3)____newcomer_______is not familiar with the ways people communicate in the new culture. Some of these communication techniques are called (4)_____cues_______, which can mean (5)______jestures______or words. Some of the other communication techniques are called (6)_____idioms__________, which refers to phrases or words which can only be understood by understanding the culture. A third kind of communication is (7)_____slang_________, which means words that are used in unusual, though popular ways. Without an understanding of these cues, idioms and slang, living in a new country or culture can be very difficult. In fact, it can make the newcomer feel like they are suffering from a (8)___disease_______: the disease of culture shock. Most people can survive the first four phases of culture shock if they work hard to learn the culture and take good care of themselves. Sometimes a fifth phase of culture shock can happen when they go home.


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