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Frank's POV. I arrived to work late today

I arrived to work late today. I couldn't stop thinking about The Dark Ninja. I couldn't stop thinking about how perfect everything had been. How we fell asleep in one another's arms. How he woke me up this morning. How he respected my wishes when I told him that I wasn't ready. How we shared breakfast together. I wanted so much to do that with him more often. I know we were tonight, but I wanted to do that more than just two nights. But that would mean that I would have to reveal myself to him and that would mean we'd have to have sex all of which I wasn't ready to do.

Why wasn't I ready?

I had some insecurities, plus, I was scared. What if The Dark Ninja didn't like what he saw under the mask? What if he pulled the mask off and decided to not have sex with me? That would hurt so much, considering how I feel about him.

The feeling's getting to the stage of love. I want to be with him all the time. And when I'm not with him I think about him. He makes me feel safe. I know I can trust him because he hasn't forced me to do anything that I don't want to do. I crave The Dark Ninja.

I walked into my office only to see Gerard already there, his hair still wet from his shower as he was already completing today's work.

"You're late," he said, not even looking up. I put my shit down on my desk and went over to the water cooler to grab a cup of water. Running a 15 minute walk in 1 minute wears you out.

"Yeah. I know," I replied, smiling. I hadn't stopped smiling since I'd kissed The Dark Ninja goodbye.

"Good for you, you got laid. Now can you stop smiling at me like that? It's freaking me out," he replied, looking back down at the image he was tracing.

"I didn't get laid," I replied, downing the water in one gulp.

"Whatever," he said, smiling as he continued to trace. I noticed when he smiled that he had the same sort of small teeth that The Dark Ninja had. They were small but they worked with his mouth shape. He was definitely blood-related to The Dark Ninja. I was then pulled from my thoughts by Erica entering the room.

"Frankie! What held you up this morning? And what was with you kissing that guy yesterday?" she asked, reminding me about yesterday. Suddenly I felt small.

"I thought he was hot. Shoot me," I said, receiving a death glare from Gerard. "Apparently he's stinky pants' brother," I said, pointing to Gerard.

"Why would you want to even try and get into that family? You could do so much better," she informed me, giving an evil look to Gerard who was tracing a design. I could see him roll his eyes as he kept tracing.

"I know, which is why I'm with someone totally better," I told her.

"Oh my god. Who? And when can I meet him?" she asked.

"I'm not saying. And never," I replied. Erica pouted making me giggle. "Before you ask, I'm serious. I think what I've got is the real deal. I think I might love the guy," I told her, making her squeal as she hugged me.

"You totally have to invite me to the wedding when it happens," she decided.

"And that's why you're never meeting the guy. You'll smother him with plans to get him to ask me to marry him or to move in with him or whatever," I explained, making her smile evilly.

"So? You in a tux would look hot. If you weren't gay, I would snap you up in a second," she informed me.

"And I'd still only see you as a friend," I warned her. I know that she's always had a crush on me. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. But she's not my type. Sure, she's cute and has nice hair, but as far as intellect goes, I'd prefer to spend my life with someone with a similar level of intelligence as mine so that we can have better conversations than just those about which Madden twin is cheating on his bimbo girlfriend this week. I heard a snort come from Gerard.

"What's your problem?" Erica asked Gerard angrily, her face red as she coped with the embarrassment of being rejected by me.

"You just got burned babe," he said, looking up as he admired his finished tracing.

"Don't you babe me," she warned him, getting all up in his face and waving her finger at him. I watched as he smirked before moving his face forward and pecking her lips, making her jump back straight away.

"Sorry baby," he said, a fake pout on his face. I was not gonna get involved.

"Oh. My. God. He kissed me! His disgusting lips touched lips! And I was wearing lip-gloss. AHHHHH" she screamed in horror. "Frankie, aren't you gonna do something?" she asked.

"I am not getting involved. I've told you not to talk to him and you talked to him," I told her. "You got kissed at your own doing," I stated, sitting down at my desk. I had administration work to do today, so I'd be sharing my desk with Gerard.

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