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Inside the Apartment

Frank's POV

I stepped inside the tiny apartment, looking around at the walls. There was artwork on all the walls. The paintings were so good. There was so much detail put into them. Whoever had painted them was one very awesome artist.

"Wow, I love the paintings," I commented, making him smile.

"They were painted by one of my family members. They're an artist," he explained. "C'mere, I'll show you my favorite one," he suggested, pulling me down the hall towards what I assumed were the bedrooms. As we approached the painting, I couldn't help but gasp. It was a massive painting of The Dark Ninja and The Skeleton floating among the clouds, their lips touching. It was on the wall in between two bedrooms. One bedroom looked extremely messy, the other looked tidy.

"Oh my god. It's beautiful!" I exclaimed. There was so much emotion in the painting. I couldn't help but notice the artist's name in the bottom right hand corner. G Way. That was the last name of Gerard from work. Could Gerard have painted this? How was he able to concentrate for so long when he was no doubt playing with fire?

"The artist who painted it had this dream to become an awesome artist. But he's got some disabilities which have held him back. But sometimes he can paint and draw things which impress so many people," The Dark Ninja informed me.

"Well this one sure is impressive," I said. I really was mind blown about the picture. The attention to detail was amazing. The artist had painted us perfectly. "So," I said, curiosity getting the better of me. "Which bedroom's your one?" he asked.

"The one on the left," he informed me, pointing to the tidy room. I guess if Gerard was his brother, it didn't surprise me that Gerard's bedroom was the messy one. "Don't worry, I've been telling my brother to tidy his room forever. But he's too busy fucking other people to bother," The Dark Ninja joked.

"You make your brother sound like a whore," I pointed out, joking back.

"He is one," The Dark Ninja joked, making me giggle. Gerard the whore. God, wait till I told Erica.

"Can I go into your room?" I asked him.

"Sure. Just don't go opening any drawers. I've hidden photographs and stuff in them so that you wouldn't see them," he informed me. I nodded as though to understand.

I walked into his bedroom and sat on the bed looking around at the walls. There were so many band posters and drawings on the walls. One thing which caught my eye was a shopping bag from a make up store on his dresser.

"You bought some make up recently?" I asked. The Dark Ninja looked down at his shoes.

"Yes," he mumbled.

"Can I take a look?" I asked. He nodded.

I opened the bag and found some eyeliner and foundation in it.

"You planning on dressing drag or something? Cause you've got some foundation in here," I pointed out.

"Sometimes in the morning before work, I help fight crime. I know you don't fight crime in the morning, but that's ok. I like fighting crime in the morning. It's a good wake up, you know? But because I'm not super strong, I often get scrapes, gashes and bruises on my body. I've decided to start using foundation to cover it so that people don't ask about how I got the wounds at work," he explained. I nodded in understanding. I wouldn't want people to constantly ask me how I got bruises and cuts on my body. That sounds pretty hypocritical since I constantly asked who I was sure was The Dark Ninja's brother all about his facial bruise today which he'd gotten from being mugged. I guess I should lay off Gerard when it comes to that sort of thing considering his brother had to deal with it all the time.

"So, you wanna have some coffee before my brother comes home and you have to leave?" he asked awkwardly. I nodded. We went to the kitchen and The Dark Ninja made us some coffee. We then took our coffee to the living room and The Dark Ninja sat down before I sat on his lap, putting my arm around him. Together we continued to talk and joke all while drinking our coffee. We ended up watching a DVD together too. I didn't leave until past midnight, when The Dark Ninja said his brother should be home soon. I kissed him goodnight, before he flew me to the nearest subway station.

"I don't know where you live, but I guess this place will take you to anywhere in New York that you need to go," he told me, kissing me one last time before vanishing, leaving me grinning like a 12 year old pre-pubescent girl who just got kissed by her crush.

God I'm falling head over heels for this guy.

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