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Frank's POV. The morning after I kissed the Dark Ninja, I awoke with a massive grin on my face

The morning after I kissed the Dark Ninja, I awoke with a massive grin on my face. Nothing could get me down today. Waking up with some serious morning wood, I went to take a shower to jerk off. It's not my fault I was dreaming about the Dark Ninja coming to where I worked and fucking me in the middle of the shop while we were invisible.

I arrived at work an hour later. As I've said before, I live a 15 minute walk from my work, but I can manage it so that I can get there in a minute flat. I'm so fast that no one can see me. I just flash before their eyes. They think it's just some massive gust of wind that's come up.

Once I got in the shop, I went over and stood by the counter, looking to see if we had appointments today and how many vacancies we had. We had a pretty full day. I didn't mind the busy days. It meant they went quickly and I would see the Dark Ninja in no time. I was majorly crushing on the guy. And I didn't even know his first name.

Even when Gerard came into work late, I didn't get mad at him today. I simply went about business with a massive smile on my face. In fact, I didn't speak to him until I went out the back for a smoke break. He was already there, a half gone cigarette in his hand.

"Hey, you got a light?" I asked him.

"Nope," he replied. I screwed my face up in frustration. What the fuck? How'd he light his cigarette then?

"But how'd you light your cigarette?" I asked him.

"I used the last of my lighter," he spoke. "I used the rest up already on my fire fetish," he added, smirking and looking away from me. I could tell he was trying to make a joke. I couldn't help but giggle. At least he was joking about his fetish now.

"Here, you can finish mine," he offered, handing me what was left of his cigarette as he walked back into the shop. This was so weird. We were actually civil to one another. All was fine between us... until after lunch.

"What's got you so happy today? Did you get laid more than once or something?" Erica asked me during a quiet time. I saw a couple of the ears prick up on some of the tattoo artists as though they were trying to listen in on the conversation.

"I finally got the guy of my dreams," I told her.

"Who?" she asked.

"The Dark Ninja," I informed her.

"But he's with The Skeleton. Didn't you see the gossip column yesterday?" she asked.

"Yeah, but now he's with me. Cause I'm sexy," I told her, a massive grin on my face, as she laughed along with me.

"Did you say you're going out with the Dark Ninja?" Mimi asked me.

"Yeah," I replied. I heard a snort from the corner of the room from where Gerard was sitting doing his work.

"Hey, you got a problem with who the manager has sex with?" Erica asked Gerard. "Go and fuck some fire," she retorted.

"I know for a fact that you aren't dating the Dark Ninja," Gerard spoke, looking amused by the whole thing.

"How?" I asked, wondering if he was trying to take the piss out of me.

"I have uh... family connections," he spoke. "They uh... work for the media. And they saw The Dark Ninja kissing The Skeleton last night on the roof top of some office building overlooking the water. So unless you went to a costume party last night and made out with a guy dressed as The Dark Ninja, then you didn't get with him," Gerard informed me. The media had seen the Dark Ninja and I kissing? I'd read the newspaper today, and there was nothing about that in the gossip column. It sounded like Gerard was making it up... but how could he be? He knew so much detail, such as about the location I'd kissed The Dark Ninja last night. But who he found out from seemed like a lie. It sounded like he didn't really have media connections. There were only two people up on that roof top last night. So that means that he knows the Dark Ninja. But that's impossible. The Dark Ninja said that he doesn't have any friends except me. Only the Dark Ninja's brother knows who he is. Does that mean Gerard's the Dark Ninja's brother?


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