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Gerard's POV. I was currently standing on the roof of a bakery, wearing my 'Dark Ninja' outfit

I was currently standing on the roof of a bakery, wearing my 'Dark Ninja' outfit. It was made up of black karate pants, a tight black t-shirt and a ninja mask, with only a slit for the eyes and a slit for the mouth. None of my costume was made of spandex. I didn't like the stuff. However The Skeleton's outfit was almost made purely of spandex. I found it hot. It clung to him so well. Some jackass was currently holding up a bank downtown. I could see The Skeleton collaborating with police about what to do. I invisibly flew down to The Skeleton's side and made my appearance.

"Finally. It's about time you showed up," The Skeleton stopped what he had been saying to the policemen and gave me a hug. I enjoyed getting hugs from him.

"Sorry, my douche of a boss kept me behind and made me do more work than I should have to," I apologized.

"It's ok. I forgive sexy people like you," he flirted. The policemen seemed oblivious to what was going on. But we were always flirting like this anyway, so maybe the police were used to it.

The police then told us the situation. A man was holding up the bank with 3 hostages inside. My job and The Skeleton's job was to rescue the hostages and capture the bankrobber.

"Ok, I have a plan," The Skeleton informed me. "I'll hold onto you and you'll make us both invisible and fly us over to the back of the bank. I'll break down the door and we'll invisibly enter the bank and capture the guy." Anything that was touching me became invisible when I did.

"Alright. Let's do this," I said, as The Skeleton wrapped his arms around my waist, our crotches pressing against one another's. If it wasn't for the fact that I was wishing to become invisible, I would've gotten 'happy' for sure.

We carried out the plan and The Skeleton tied up the robber. I flew all three hostages to safety as the cops came in and arrested the guy. They thanked The Skeleton and I for our work as I flew us both away and onto the rooftop of an apartment block nearby.

And there we sat, waiting to be called up by the cops on our cellphones to attend to another crime. We don't always work with the cops, but most of the time so far in our superhero careers, we have because it's not like we'll find out about crime any other way. It's really difficult to know what everyone is doing in such a big city. Although one day, The Skeleton and I have dreams of finding crime and fighting it just like Spiderman and Superman seem to be able to do. If only one of us had developed super hearing. That would've come in handy to find us situations.

"So, your boss was a douche again?" he asked me.

"Yeah. He wasn't as bad today as far as pissing me off goes. He just gave me an impossible workload. What about your day?" I asked him.

"It went smoothly as usual," The Skeleton replied. I could sense guilt in his voice. I guess he felt bad for having a good day while I had a shitty one.

Everything was silent for about a minute.

"You know, if I knew where you worked, I could beat the shit out of your boss," The Skeleton suggested, moving over and sitting on my lap.

"No, it won't be necessary. It was hard enough for me to get that job. As stupid as I sound, I'm actually grateful to that douche of a boss for hiring me. If it weren't for him, I'd be homeless," I informed The Skeleton.

"Well I wouldn't let that happen. I'd make you move in with me. Then I'd know the secret identity of The Dark Ninja," he spoke. I chuckled.

"So then you've thought about me without the costume on," I spoke.

"Yeah. Mostly your face and cock size. I can tell how hot your abs look through those tight t-shirts you always wear," he flirted.

"Well for the record, I've thought about you without your skeleton leotard on," I spoke to him.

"It's not a leotard! Just because it resembles what a male ice skater would wear, only with more spandex and bones airbrushed onto it does not make it a leotard," he spoke, getting defensive about my leotard joke. I knew he didn't like me joking about that.

"I know. I know. I was just joking. You look hot wearing it, really. But I seriously have thought about you without your costume. I've often wondered about the tattoos you have," I spoke.

"Do you find tattoos a turn on?" The Skeleton asked, sounding amused.

"Yeah, a little. It depends on whether they fit the personality of the person. Sometimes people have pointless tattoos and they don't turn me on at all. But I have a feeling that yours would be hot," I said slyly.

"Oh really," he said, his lips curled up so form a slight smirk. His face was inching closer to mine. His mask covered most of his face, the only thing of him that wasn't covered by costume was his bottom jaw and his mesmerizing lips.

"Yeah, really," I replied, looking down at his lips. I moved closer to his face and took a deep breath in. I had wanted to kiss this man in so long and it was about to happen. All of a sudden our cellphones both rang at the same time. Sighing, we both pulled away, slightly annoyed that we didn't get to kiss.

"Hello?" we answered at the same time.

We got details for another crime. This time a domestic disturbance. Apparently a neighbor had called the cops after hearing a gunshot be fired and a blood-curdling scream. The Skeleton and I flew there and helped to arrest the murderer. After that, we both went our separate ways, muttering a goodbye to one another. Damn. Why did the cops have to interrupt our kiss?


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