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Frank's POV. He was on top of me. I was usually the dominant one in relationships, but for some reason I found that him on top of me turned me on immensely

He was on top of me. I was usually the dominant one in relationships, but for some reason I found that him on top of me turned me on immensely. His delicate fingers undid the press studs on my costume and ripped it open, revealing my tattoo-clad chest.

"Mmmm. So fuckin' hot! I knew you would be," he spoke. I could sense a smirk on his face.

He leaned down and attached his lips to my torso and began to kiss the skin before sitting back up and pulling my costume off me. He looked down at my cock and his lips curled in amusement, a lustful look in his eyes. It made my cock twitch as it began to harden.

"Looks like The Skeleton has a problem. Would you like me to fix it for you?" he asked, leaning down so that his warm breath was hitting my crotch.

"Mmm. Please," I moaned.

Straight away my cock became engulfed in his mouth as his head bobbed up and down.

"Oh god," I moaned. He went faster.

"Mmmm fuck!" I exclaimed loudly as I saw The Dark Ninja vanish into the semi-darkness of my bedroom.

I'd moaned loudly in my sleep which had woken me up. All that was left of the dream was my raging boner and sweaty forehead. Sighing, I saw that my alarm clock was going to alarm in 4 minutes anyway. I turned my alarm off and went into the shower. As the warm water hit my body and steam filled the room, images of The Dark Ninja taking a shower with me came rushing through my mind. I imagined him appearing out of thin air in amongst the steam and attaching his lips to my neck. I closed my eyes at the thought as my hand encircled my cock. Slowly, I began to tease myself. I played with my tip, running my thumb over my slit and causing pre-cum to leak out. I let my mouth fall open as I imagined his hand replacing mine and pumping me rapidly while attaching those soft, plump, kissable lips to mine. God, I wanted to kiss him so much. I sped my hand up and reached my climax, the image of his radiating sexiness fresh in my mind.

As my load washed down the drain, I thought more about my crush. We knew so much about one another yet we didn't know what one another's face looked like. I enjoyed his hugs. He would wrap me up protectively in his big, strong arms. My arms were stronger, but that's beside the point. He made me feel safe and made me want to be with him and learn everything about him.

I decided that I was gonna try and kiss him again. I don't care how long it takes, he'll be mine. It really goes to show that you don't have to know what's on the outside to like what's on the inside. The Dark Ninja could look like Shrek and I would still like him because his inner beauty is what attracts me to him.

Shutting the water off, I got out of the shower and dried myself off before grabbing a shirt which smelled clean and putting it on. If I knew what The Dark Ninja looked like, I would try so hard to look hot every day and would look out for where he worked and would try to impress him. But the only people hitting on me were my female clients who asked me if we did piercings so I could pierce their clits for them. Considering I don't swing that way, I tried my best to turn them off by not caring about my appearance. Although my faithful employees Erica and Mimi told me the rugged look I went for made me look sexier. I swear, women are just so strange like that. But I guess I do get what they're saying. When I see a rugged looking man with 3-day-growth and wearing clothes that looks like they were just thrown together, I can't help but check him out.

I then grabbed something to eat. I decided to make myself some toast with strawberry jelly this morning. My mind yet again traveled to The Dark Ninja. He was just so perfect. How could someone so perfect be so hated at his job? What must the employees have been like if they were always picking on him? I should one day find out what sort of work he does. Maybe then, if it fits in with something that we offer at the tattoo parlor, I could try and get him a job working with me. Then I would have a reason to get up and go to work every day. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome working in a tattoo parlor, but I hate getting hit on all the time and the pay is not all that great. If I could convince the state to hire The Dark Ninja and I full-time on a permanent salary, I would give up my job at the tattoo parlor. The job at the tattoo parlor was only supposed to be a temporary thing. Now I've worked there for 5 years. What a life.

I finished getting ready for work. I only had 5 minutes to get there and it was a 15 minute walk. Thank god for super speed.


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