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Frank's POV. "Hey! Would you look at that

"Hey! Would you look at that! The gossip column is saying today that The Skeleton and the Dark Ninja were flirting yesterday before they assisted in the arrest of a bank robber. Insiders think the superheroes might be a couple. Who would've thought that they were gay!" Erica, spoke. I was now at the parlor. And everyone was doing their thing. It was then that Gerard walked in late as usual. Why was he late? It fucking pissed me off, because we had customers to serve and he was treating his job like it was a fucking joke. Don't even get me started on his fire fetishes.

"You're fucking late again Gerard. Why?" I asked. I usually never asked him why he was late, but today I was interested in seeing why.

"I'm sorry. I had some odd jobs to do before work," he explained.

"Well next time wake up earlier!" I yelled at him.

"It doesn't work like that. I'm sorry. I just can't help it some days," Gerard replied. I was fuming. I was the one who had to make sure all the employees were doing the right thing. If the owner of this shop came in at this moment, I would be in the shit for not controlling my employees.

"Well try to. I have to make sure this business looks professional. I can't have you waltzing in here half an hour late," I spoke to him. He looked up at me angrily and opened his mouth to retaliate when a shriek could be heard on the other side of the room.

"No fucking way! That's so adorable!" Mimi exclaimed.

"I know! The Skeleton and Dark Ninja would make such an adorable couple," Erica replied.

I turned back to Gerard who was blushing. Why was he blushing? Did he find two guys being together embarrassing? Was he homophobic?

"What's your problem? Don't like guys making out? You homophobic?" I asked him. A couple of other tattooists came around to watch me as though I was purposely annoying Gerard. I really just wanted to find out why he blushed.

"No. Not at all. I'm gay. It'd be pretty hypocritical to say I hated them, wouldn't it? So go back over to your gossip queens and do one another's nails or some shit, because I'm trying to draw here," Gerard replied.

"Excuse me, I'm the manager. You do not give me orders. I feel sorry for whoever the guy is that decides to go out with you because you're such a jackass!" I exclaimed angrily. Gerard raised his eyebrows at what I said.

"Well if I'm the jackass, then you don't want to know what word I have in mind for you motherfucker," Gerard replied nastily.

"That's it. Get the fuck up," I ordered the employee.

"Fuck off. I'm trying to do my work," Gerard said, going red in the face, his fists clenched together tightly.

"No. You will get up now and see me in the back," I directed him. Rolling his eyes, he stood up and walked to out the back, me following behind him.

We went out to the back room and I slammed the door a little harder than I expected. I couldn't control my own strength sometimes. Shoot me for having superpowers.

"You do not disrespect me in front of the customers in the store. You got that?" I bellowed. "You do not have the right to walk about like you own this dump, because you don't. Alright?" I yelled. Gerard stared at me. Suddenly, I have no idea how, a fire broke out on top of my desk.

"Oh my god. I'm so so sorry," Gerard apologized. I quickly ran over to the corner where there was the big watercooler and picked it up, slamming it down hard on my desk, inadvertently revealing my strength to Gerard, who sat there stunned as the fire immediately went out.

"Sorry doesn't fucking cut it. You need to stop these sexual fetishes. Stop fucking setting shit on fire so that you can get off. If you want to get off, go to the gay brothel down the street. Now fucking get out of my sight!" I yelled.

Today just turned out to be one of the worst days ever.


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