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Frank's POV. I had finished my shift and gone home

I had finished my shift and gone home. The owner always came by to close up. I raced home and put my costume on, waiting for my cellphone to ring. I couldn't wait to see the Dark Ninja. I couldn't stop thinking about him all day. After Gerard had said that stuff, I couldn't help but think about what he'd said. Mimi and Erica didn't take what he'd said seriously for one second. They immediately attacked him. I decided to not get involved.

Finally my cellphone rang and I was called to an abandoned warehouse. I was gonna help with a drug bust.

Upon arriving there, I already saw the Dark Ninja. He hadn't seen me and was standing around, waiting for the cops to show up. I snuck up behind him and jumped on his back, scaring the shit out of him. It made me giggle.

"Fuck, don't ever do that again," he warned me. "Unless you want me to end up in the hospital suffering from a heart attack," he spoke.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you that much," I informed him, hopping off his back and moving around to his front where my lips caught his in a passionate kiss. For the first time ever, I slipped my tongue into his mouth. It was heavenly hearing him moan as he deepened the kiss. We didn't pull away from one another for quite some time. And when we did, it was because we were scared that the media would jump out and take our picture. Sure the media attention was cool, but we didn't want them to start following us everywhere and finding out where we lived or anything like that. While we were waiting, I decided to ask him some questions to see if the Dark Ninja was Gerard's brother.

"So, your brother," I began.

"What about him?" the Dark Ninja asked, sounding a little concerned.

"Where does he work?" I asked.

"Nuh uh. I am so not telling you. You'll go there and ask to see a picture of me. Remember, we aren't seeing one another till we have sex. That was the deal," The Dark Ninja replied.

"Well can I at least know your name?" I asked him.

"Nope. I am aware of things called My Space and Facebook you know," he spoke, pulling 2 cigarettes out of his pants and clicking his fingers, causing a flame to burst out of his index finger. He lit the two cigarettes and handed me one.

"So, how was work today?" I asked, changing the subject away from our secret identities.

"It was so much better than usual. The boss was actually nice to me. It was weird," he told me, making me smile. I was glad his day at work was better today. "Was yours good?" he asked.

"Yeah. It went by quickly too, so before I knew it, it was time to see you," I informed him. He looked at me and smiled. "You're wearing eyeliner again today," I pointed out, grinning.

"Yeah, well I know how much you like it, so I thought I'd make it become part of my costume," he said. My heart melted upon hearing those words. He'd put it on to impress me. I couldn't believe that he had no other friends. He seemed so cute. Who wouldn't want to be friends with this guy? He was smart, funny and romantic.

I couldn't contain myself. I had to kiss him again. This time however, we heard the engines of the police cars and broke away soon after our lips met, grinning at one another. I looked at the stitching of my skeleton gloves as I waited the police to get out of the car and inform us of what we had to do. I was covered in costume from head to toe. I had to be. I mean, I had tattooed hands, tattooed legs, a tattooed neck. They were everywhere. If someone from the media recognized my tattoos or whatever, I'd be screwed. No one would ever leave me alone. And too many fake people would try to take advantage of me.

As the Dark Ninja and I received instructions, we got to work. The Dark Ninja and I went around the back and began making some distractions while being invisible, knocking over items in their drug lab and making things spill. We did this while the police surrounded the area and moved in. The Dark Ninja held onto me as I picked up one guy and threw him against the opposite wall when no one was looking.

"Stop fucking around motherfuckers!" the head criminal spoke.

"Sorry boss," the half conscious criminal who got thrown against the wall said.

It was then that the police advanced and told everyone to freeze. That was when the Dark Ninja flew us out of the building and up into the air, just to escape the gunfire. We waited to see whether any criminals escaped. We saw the head criminal escaping out of a side door and running towards a car. The Dark Ninja must've seen too, because suddenly there was a massive explosion and the car was in flames. The criminal wasn't able to escape unless he tried to go around the front and risk getting caught by the back up police.

About 15 minutes passed and all the criminals except the head criminal were caught. The head criminal was hiding around the side of the shed.

"Let's get this fucker," the Dark Ninja suggested, zooming us down to the ground. We snuck up on the criminal and I grabbed his arms, taking him by surprise. He tried fighting me off, but I was too strong for him. We walked him around to the front of the shed where the cops were waiting. All criminals were caught and considering how late it had become after we'd helped file the police report on the exploded car and the escaped criminal, we got the night off.

"How about we go and sit up on top of the Empire State Building," the Dark Ninja suggested. I froze, horrified at the thought. "What's wrong? You scared of heights? If King Kong can climb up the building, then we can easily sit up on top of the building," he pointed out making me giggle. "Don't worry about how high up we'll be. I'll keep you safe," he said.

"Ok then," I said, nodding. I held onto him super tight as he flew up to the top of the building. I cursed under my breath at how high it was and he must've heard me because he chuckled. The wind was so fucking strong up here at this height.

And there we sat, watching the lights and people below. The view was fucking amazing. I looked over at the Dark Ninja to tell him how beautiful it was, but instead I met with his lips as he kissed me. My hand came up and caressed his balaclava-clad cheek.

"You know, it's so fucking weird not being able to tell everyone about who my boyfriend is," I told him as I pulled away from him. "No one would believe me if I said who my boyfriend was," I pointed out.

"Yeah. You're right," he replied. "This jackass tried telling me today his deluded story about how he's getting laid by superheroes," The Dark Ninja informed me. I reminisced back to today. I was a bit of a jackass today too, telling everyone how I was with The Dark Ninja. I mean, what if people figured me out and found out I was The Skeleton?

"I tried telling people I was with you today. No one believed me. So I guess I'll just have to keep this to myself for a while, until I can tell everyone I'm going out with your secret identity," I spoke. He chuckled.

"What made you want to tell everyone?" he asked.

"I was grinning like a dumbass all day. Everyone kept asking me if I was high," I pointed out, making him chuckle.

"I really like you," he spoke.

"I really like you too," I replied as we continued to sit on top of the Empire State Building.



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