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Back to Square One

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Frank's POV

As soon as I saw The Dark Ninja that afternoon, I threw my arms around him and cried. I didn't give a shit if the media were watching us this time. Our kiss had taken up a whole two page spread in the newspaper on Saturday. Everyone knew we were together.

"Whoa, what's going on? Why're you so upset?" he asked.

"I had a bad day," I choked out, my voice hoarse and quivering. He held me tight and before I knew it, we were invisible and were up in the air. He flew me to an alleyway where we returned to visibility. I looked up at him and he looked down at me, wiping away the tears that had come out the bottom of my mask.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" he asked.

"I just feel stupid. I made myself look like a fool in front of my co-workers and customers. Usually everyone... well almost everyone likes me. They think I'm cute and fun. But now they probably all think I'm a loser. I don't know how I'm gonna be able to go back to work tomorrow," I explained. I couldn't bring myself to say that I'd kissed him today. I was still pretty certain that The Dark Ninja was Mikey Way.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I know for a fact that where I work everyone thinks I'm a loser. I am the workplace loser," he confessed to me.

"I bet you're not. I bet that you're just misunderstood. I bet that if people understood you, then you'd be liked by everyone. You're just so likable. I can't help but to melt in your arms every time I see you. And you always make me laugh," I informed him. "Surely you make your brother laugh too," I pointed out.

"Yeah I make him laugh. He sounds like a girl when he laughs. Hell, he even looks like a girl with those girlish hips of his," The Dark Ninja spoke. I giggled. Mikey sure liked paying out Gerard. I guess it was all harmless stuff though.

"So, whaddaya say we go kick some crime's ass now?" he suggested. I grinned and nodded as I held onto him and we flew back to where we were meeting the cops. Apparently we were gonna be helping to rescue a little girl from some kidnappers inside a caravan trailer. This sort of stuff was easy shit to do. I would use my flexibility and reach for the girl through an open window with one arm while distracting the people at the door by punching them with the other arm. The Dark Ninja had to hold onto me so that I would be invisible. That was an important part of the distraction and recapturing part. After we were done, the cops would arrest the kidnappers.

We don't just work for the cops. Occasionally we will help out people we generally see in need. But there's no villains to fight like you see in the superhero movies... well none have come to light yet. We do things like help cats out of trees for little old ladies and tiny girls, we help pull people out of car wrecks and once we even saved a guy who was pushed off the top of a 50 story building.

Once we'd rescued the little girl, we decided to go out and get a bite to eat. I think The Dark Ninja could tell I was still a little upset about today. He even offered for me to stay the night at his place so that I wouldn't be lonely tonight. I accepted his offer and he flew away for a bit to call up his brother. He came back announcing that things were all set for me to stay the night.

We flew back to his apartment and we went inside. He led me to his bedroom and kicked off his shoes, staying in his ninja outfit. On the way to his bedroom, I'd noticed that his brother's bedroom door was closed. I guess that was part of what they were talking about over the phone.

I kicked my combat boots off and laid on the bed. The Dark Ninja relaxed on the bed beside me when all of a sudden loud music erupted through the air coming from his brother's room. The Dark Ninja rolled his eyes and told me to stay where I was, before walking off to his brother's room. I was so tempted to open up the drawers of his nightstand while he wasn't around, but I decided to wait like The Dark Ninja was waiting. We were gonna learn one another's secret identities together, even if I'd kinda already guessed Mikey's identity.

I heard The Dark Ninja bash loudly on his brother's door. Suddenly the music shut off and the door opened. I stayed where I was and decided to try and hear what they said.

"What the fuck dude, I was about to go to sleep. Bringing someone home for a fuck tonight was not part of the deal," The Dark Ninja said.

"I'm not fucking anyone. I thought you were gonna fuck him which is why I turned the music on. I heard you both come in and kick your shoes off. So I assumed you were gonna fuck or whatever," his brother replied.

"No. We're just gonna sleep. We both have work tomorrow. I'm not gonna do any superhero duties tomorrow morning because I wanna have breakfast with my boyfriend. And I want you to get up half an hour earlier than usual so that he doesn't see you. He might recognize you and then hack into a government database and find out my identity," The Dark Ninja spoke. I bit back a giggle.

"Why don't you just pull off one another's masks and get it over with?" he questioned.

"No. We're saving it until we decide to have sex," The Dark Ninja replied walking back into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. "Sorry about my brother. He's backing down on our deal," The Dark Ninja explained.

"What was the deal?" I asked curiously.

"I could bring you home tonight and I would let him bring his girlfriend home tomorrow night to have sex with," he spoke to me. Girlfriend? Gerard said he was gay. Maybe The Dark Ninja wasn't Mikey. Maybe when The Dark Ninja was saying that the artist of that painting in the hall was a family member, he meant that it was a cousin. There was no denying that Gerard had definitely painted that picture. He'd drawn one just as detailed today. But that meant that he knew about his cousin being The Dark Ninja. And The Dark Ninja had only told his brother, which meant that his brother must've told Gerard.

"Well then it's sorted. Tomorrow night, you can spend the night at my place. Don't worry, I'm not asking for sex. I'm not ready for that yet. We've only been dating for almost a week. I don't usually have sex in a relationship until after at least two weeks," I informed him, making him chuckle.

So now I was back to square one. Who the fuck was The Dark Ninja?

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