Part 2 told by: Brooks


Cold feet.

It was something Id never have with Katy. She was mine and the piece of paper making it legal wasnt going to change anything.

Id been wondering how I was going to sneak into the house without seeing her, but B made it the perfect excuse. Before we headed back to my parents, I tucked a card underneath of the package of peanut butter cups on the countertop.

Shed get a kick out of the card considering it was sentimental. Being that it was both our wedding day and Valentines day, a particular special day for someone that carried the name, I was more than excited to give it to her.

When Katy opened my card, shed probably cry. The poor woman had been a babbling mess with her pregnancy hormones.

I smiled thinking back to the day we found out. On the first day of her missed period, I drove to the store and bought the test, while she and B waited at home for me. I always got a kick out of seeing my daughter standing at the window, watching for me to pull in the driveway.

Theyd met me at the door and the three of us rushed into the bathroom, as if it were a tornado headed for the house.

Three minutes later we celebrated.

Our lives had changed for the better, especially since wed moved back home. Katy smiled everyday, making me feel like I was doing my job, keeping her happy and safe.

As far as our daughter, well lets just say that she was spoiled beyond belief and had become both of my parents reasons for breathing.

Bug wasnt just my daughter. Seeing what Katy and I brought into the world, and knowing that she helped bring us back together, made me the happiest man on the planet.


My brother was in the kitchen when we both walked inside. B spotted him and ran up to him, smacking into his legs. Good morning, pretty girl. Uncle Branch has something for you.

He leaned down and handed her a stuffed bear holding a heart. When he squeezed it, it said I love you.

B hugged it and brought it to show me. Daddy, look.

I see it. Go say thank you.

She hugged Branch and ran into the living room before we could tell her nobody else was awake, and being that it was such a special day, I didnt care if she woke up the whole house.

While waiting for her to come back, Branch cleared his throat and got my attention. I guess its not necessary to ask if youre ready for today.

I raised my eyebrows and let out and air-filled laugh. Yeah, Ive been ready for this my whole life.

My brother looked down at his cup of coffee as he replied. I shouldnt have been such a dick to you when we were kids.

I leaned across the counter and looked my brother in the eyes. None of it matters anymore. Shes mine forever, man.

Branch shook his head and laughed. She always was.

I dont know why hearing him saying that got to me the way it did, but I felt myself getting choked up. Far be it from me to show my brother that hed affected me, I quickly turned and refilled my cup. You got that right. Inside though, I felt like Branch was finally able to accept that nothing could keep her from me, not time, not distance, and certainly not him.

The room filled with voices and for the next couple of hours things were chaotic. Melissa and my mother headed next door to be with Kat, while I got everything ready, including myself.


Just like Id promised her, I was standing there at the arbor waiting. Since it was winter, and the weather was unpredictable in D.C., we took precautions and rented a tent with heaters. One giant tent filled our two yards and I had to admit that it was quite toasty when the plastic doors were closed.

The moment I saw her walking out of our back door, my knees started to get weak. She took a few steps and wrapped her arm inside of my fathers. Even with her face covered by a tiny sheer veil I could already tell she was stunning. Bug came running up the aisle, instead of walking. When she realized that shed forgotten to throw out the flowers, she went back and tossed them going in both directions. The tiny crowd of neighbors and friends laughed, but then gave all of their attention to Katy.

Halfway to me my lips began to quiver and my palms were getting sweaty. I wiped them on the side of my pants and hoped that nobody noticed.

The moment she was within reach, I had her hands in mine. The officiator knew us, and as the guests laughed, he shooed my dad to sit down and not to worry about the whole giving her away speech. I felt it necessary to address it, so I turned to the standing people. She doesnt need to be given away, since shes always been mine. I winked at them before turning my attention back to my beautiful bride.

She pulled one hand away and lifted the veil. Thats when I saw her crying. Her hands were shaking as much as mine, but I didnt move my eyes away from hers. I mouthed the words, I love you, while the official started speaking.

Honestly, I dont even know what he was saying, because I was completely captivated by her beauty. We stood there, in some sort of trance as if nobody else existed.

Finally, I felt someone touch my arm. Are you ready to exchange your vows? Neither of us had noticed the person trying to get our attention.

I smiled and answered, Yes. Yes, we are.

Wed discussed me going first, but Kat spoke before I could say anything. This morning I woke up to a Valentine, from my Valentine.

Everyone attending laughed and she waited for them to finish. I had written down my vows and polished them a dozen times, but after I read what Brooks wrote to me in this card, I knew my vows could never come close. So, Im going to read it to everyone and let you all see the real man Im marrying today.

She waved to Melissa and I watched as she approached us with the card in her hand.

Since Id poured out my heart to her, I felt a little overwhelmed.

Kat opened it up and looked down, clearing her voice before she began.


The outside says, To my wife on our first Valentines Day as a married couple. Then Brooks wrote his message on the inside.


Dear Mrs. Valentine, my beautiful bride, mother of my children, my soul-mate and my very best friend,

Ive loved you for my whole life and perhaps even in lives before this one. There was no amount of time, distance, or even person that could ever change the way I feel about you. Ive literally waited my entire life for this day. Its easy to say that Ive never felt more complete than when youre in my arms. Every time I look at our little girl, or feel our son moving around in your belly my heart melts, because its just another anchor of our love for each other. Youre mine forever, Kat. You dont need a ceremony to know that. No matter where life takes us, Ill be by your side, and when the good Lord comes at our last breath, I know well find each other again, because you are who I will always choose for that other peanut butter cup. I hope now you can finally know without a single doubt that I will hold you when youre sad, love you when you feel lonely, and protect you when you feel scared. I guess I dont have to ask you to be my Mrs. Valentine, because you already are and will be for every single moment of every single day, for as long as we both are breathing. Love, your husband, Mr. Valentine.

I wasnt really sure how much the crowd could understand through Katys sobbing, but as I turned to look at them, most were shoving tissues over their faces. To avoid losing it completely, I looked back to Kat. Even as a babbling mess, she was still gorgeous. Theres nothing that I can say to you that you dont already know, Brooks. Ive already given myself to you in every way. You give me comfort and support and your love is more than I could ever deserve. Im in awe of you, and I thank God every day for giving us this life. I love you so much.

She couldnt say anymore, and she didnt need to. We could have stood there staring at each other all day. We were already married in my eyes.

I glanced at the guests and flashed a half-smile. How about we make this official and get to the celebrating?

It gives me great pleasure to announce the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Valentine. The officiator leaned in for only us to hear. Go ahead and kiss her now, Brooks.

My lips were on Kats before he finished his sentence. She was mine in the eyes of the whole world and I let her know exactly how happy I was about it in our embrace. At first people clapped. Then some whistled. Then my brother started making pervert remarks. When our kiss ended, half of the guests had gotten up and were already in line on the other side of the heated tent.


I wiped away her tears. Youre my wife.

She smiled and leaned her cheek against mine. I know.

Bug came up and wrapped her arms around my legs. I acknowledged her by rubbing her head.

We couldnt stand there for the whole day, so I grabbed Kats hand as we turned to face everyone, knowing that after theyd all gone home and went about their lives, wed have forever to spend together. Knowing that made me the happiest man in the world.




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