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Complete the dialogue by asking questions

When _______________________?

This holiday appeared in the first millennium B.C.

How __________________________?

It is called as eastern New Year.

When _______________________________?

According to the Oriental calendar Nauryz falls on 21 March, which was considered as the first day of spring before adoption of the Soviet calendar.

What ________________________________?

This holiday represents not only spring renewal but also friendship, love and fertility.

What _________________________________?

According to popular belief the people were getting rid of winter hardships, were pleased with well-being and preservation of their animal stock – the main wealth of the nomads.

How _______________________________?

The Kazakh celebrate Nauryz in the same manner as other oriental peoples but they have their own individualities.

What ______________________________?

The main dish of the holiday is nauryz-koje or nauryzdyk which consists of seven ingredients symbolizing vital elements.

Why _________________________________?

Because 7 is a fortunate number for the Kazakh people. That is why many festive ceremonies are connected with it.

How _______________________________?

As a rule, Nauryz began with a competition – a game between a girl and djigit, which represented a symbolic struggle between winter and spring.

What _____________________________?

During celebration of Nauryz, the Kazakh visit their friends and relatives. You can often watch people saying “KoktemTudy” – Congratulation on Spring Day!

Speak about Nauryz

Watch the video

Unit II:

Educational system

Part I

Answer the following questions

a. What are the most prestigious universities in your country? Why?

b. What are the most prestigious universities abroad? What do you know about them?


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