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Types of schools

Complete the text. Underline the stress.

University uniforms

Secondary school mixed

Primary school nursery school

Boarding school nuns

Private schools pupils

State schools priests


1. _____________________ (ages 2-4)

2. _____________________ (ages 4-11)

3. _____________________ (ages 11-18)

4. _____________________ (ages 18+)

In a typical school system in many countries there are two kinds of schools: ____________, which are run by the government, and ______________. Private schools are often stricter than state schools, and in many of them the ______________ (schoolchildren) have to wear __________________.

But state and private schools are often ______________ (for boys and girls) or are for boys only or girls only. There also some schools, usually private, where the pupils sleep at school, which are called __________________.

The “boss’ of the school is called the ______________ (teacher). In some religious schools there are also ___________ (women) and ______________ (men) who work as teachers.

Higher education__________________________________________________________________arts science courses subjects degree do research professors


Complete this text

A university you can do ____________ in many different ___________ (e.g. law). Some students prefer to do an _____________ course (e.g. languages) and others prefer a _____________ course (e.g. engineering). In Britain, it usually takes three or four years to get a university ___________. When they finish their course, some people stay at university and ________________. The most important teachers at university are called ______________.

Subjects and exams

1. Look at the subjects and translate them. What other school subjects do you know?

Biology math

Foreign languages economics

Chemistry P.E. 9physical education)

History geography

Computer studies physics


Complete the text

Take\ do marks (n) fail terms pass


The school year is divided into three ______________. Most children at secondary schools have to __________________ exams at the end of the summer term. Copying at exams is strictly forbidden. Of course all pupils hope to get good/high _______ and to ____________ their exams, not to _______________ them.

Add other education words to this page or write them in your vocabulary book.

Answer the questions in pairs.

1. When did the Second World War end?

2. What is the- capital of Colombia?

3. Who wrote Hamlet?

4. How many Kilobytes are there in a megabyte?

5. Who invented the theory of relativity?

6. What are 15 -10 + 4?

7. How many legs does an Insect have?

8. What is water made of?


Match the questions with these school subjects,




Information technology






Interview your partner using the questionnaire. Ask for more information.

Your education

What kind of secondary school / you go to? / you like it?

How many pupils / there in each class?

How much homework / you have?

/ you have to wear a uniform?

/ discipline very strict? / pupils behave well?

Which subjects / you good and bad at?

Which / your best and worst subject?



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