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H. Charlotte and Viktor are waiting for their exam results.

Charlotte has just

taken her A-levels.

T- 4.3 Listen to Charlotte and answer questions 1-5. Then do the same for Victor

1 Do you think you have passed?

2 When and how will you get the results of the exam?

3 How will you celebrate if you get good results?

4 What will you do if you get good results?

5 What will you do if you fail, or if you don't get the results you need?


I. Listen and complete the sentences.

1 They won't give me a place unless _______________________

2 As soon as _____________, I'll take the letter upstairs and open it.

3 I don't want to plan any celebrations until ___________________

4 If I don't get into Cambridge, _________________

5 When I ________________ , the grades will be on the notice board.


T - 4.6 Listen to Charlotte and Viktor. Did they pass or fail? What grade did they get? What are they going to do?


G. Look at this extract from a TV guide and answer the questions.

8.00 That'll Teach 'Em

Final part of the six-part series following a group of modem 16-year-old school children in a 1950s boarding school. This week: Exams!

1 What do you think the idea of the program was?

2 Which of these things do you think pupils hated the most?

The food wearing a uniform

Not being able to watch TV going for cross-country runs

Not being able to use mobiles having cold showers

Having a lot of homework


3 What do you think the discipline was like? How do you think the children were punished for behaving badly?

4 Do you think the pupils did well or badly when they took 1950s exams?

k. T - 4.7 Listen to a TV critic talking about the program 'That'll Teach 'Em. Check your answers to a. Were you surprised?


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