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a. Look at the photo above. What's unusual about one of the pupils?

b. Read the introduction. Why did Damian Whitworth go back to school? What kind of school did he go to?

с. Read Damian's diary for one of the days he spent back at school. Does he think school is easier or harder now?

D. Read the text again and put the phrases A-H in the correct places.

A Crowd of pupils are watching.

В However, the pupils are totally involved,

С He's friendly with the pupils but nottoo friendly.

D When I was the same age as these children I had never used a computer.

E It's a magical moment and the most effective class I have seen.

F 'Are you really in our class?'

G One boy says he has chips every day.

H Phones that ring in class areconfiscated until the end of the week.

E. In pairs, look at the highlighted words and phrases. Try to guess what they mean from the context. Then check with your dictionary or the teacher.

F. In pairs, look at each heading (French, Math, etc.) and say if this is the same, similar, or different from the secondary school you went to (or go to). Say why.

So school these days is easy? Think again

People and politicians complain that school is getting easier. Damian Whitworth, а 35-year-old journalist, decided to see for himself. He spent a week as a pupil at a British secondary school, Brentwood County High School;it is a large state school and has about 1,800 pupils, girls and boys, aged between 11 and 18.


My first lesson is French. I am in a class of thirteen year olds. Outside the classroomsome girts start interrogating me. _________________ 'How old are you?'How old do you think I am?' I reply. ‘Well ... you're not 13'

First we have a listening test which I find difficult; I get 14 out of 20. Not bad! Then we make revision lists on the computer ____________. Now every pupil has one.


As we wait outside the math classroom a teachertells me to do up the top button of my shirt. The math teacher uses an interactive whiteboard which has graphics and video, but the pupils don't look very interested in the lesson. A mobile rings and the owner hurries to switch it off. ____________________


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