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Раздел 1. Лингвистический аспект

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1.1. (5 points) Phonetics. Find in which line ‘OW’ has the same pronunciation in every word. Tick (√) the correct variant(s) in the boxes.


1: slow, know, borrow, flow, throw

2: low, crown, brown, town, tow

3: clown, grow, crowd, now, brown




1.2. (7 x 1 points) Put in the correct articles if necessary. Write your answers (a(n), the, – ) in the boxes.


a) It’s (1) … enquiry from (2) … company. (3) … company is interested in (4) … telephone equipment. They know we are selling (5) … new model of (6) … equipment.

b) Passengers for the flight to Spain please collect your hand luggage and go to (7) … gate 4.




X 1 points) Put in correct prepositions. Write your answers in the boxes.


a) Many customers come (1) … Rossexport to discuss business matters (2) … the engineers of the company. They usually discuss prices and terms (3) … payment.

b) When he came (4) … London he made an appointment (5) … Mr. Morris (6) … Brown & Co (7) … Wednesday (8) … 10.




X 1 points) Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the Infinitive. Write your answers in the boxes.


Let us (1) … in touch with specialists in Moscow. (to get)

The lecturer wants (2) … . (to understand)

The student wants (3) … . (to understand)

There were a lot of things (4) … . (to see)

He was nowhere (5) … . (to see)




X 1 points) Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the Infinitive or Gerund. Write your answers (A, B, C or D) in the boxes.


1. I suggest … the hospitals before asking the police to look for him.


a: telephone

b: to be telephoned

c: telephoning

d: to telephone


2. Try to avoid … late.


a: be

b: being

c: to be

d: to have been


3. It’s good … work for the day.


a: to finish

b: to have finished

c: to be finished

d: finishing


4. He kept … up and she didn’t know what to do about him.


a: to ring

b: to have rung

c: to be rung

d: ringing


5. She admits … the same mistakes in her previous paper.


a: to make

b: to have made

c: to be made

d: making


6. Would you mind … me ten pence? I want to make a phone call.


a: lend

b: lending

c: to be lended

d: to have lent




X 1 points) Write the missing word in the gap. The first letter is given to help you. Write your answers in the boxes.


a. M __ (1) __ banks do not deal with the public but with companies.

b. C __ (2) __ is the money used by a particular country.

c. To e __ (3) __ employees means to give them a greater say in decision-making.

d. R __ (4) __ products are made from materials that have already been used.

e. On the stock market you can buy b__ (5) __ which are loans to a company.

f. When two companies come together to form one company, it is known as a m__ (6) __ .




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