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Exercises. Answer the Questions:

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Answer the Questions:


1.What House of the British Parliament is periodically reelected?

2.How often are Parliamentary Elections held in Great Britain?

3.What does the electoral system of Great Britain encourage?

4.What is understood by a constituency in Great Britain?

5. What constituencies are called ‘safe’ and ‘marginal’?

6.What does the phrase ‘first past the post’ mean in the British

electoral system?

7.Who may stand for election in Great Britain?

8.How do we call a person registered for election?

9.What kind of a deposit has a candidate to leave?

10.When is his deposit forfeited?

11. What is the polling age in Great Britain?

12. At what age may a British subject be nominated for election?

13.Who is disqualified from elections?

14.How is a person responsible for holding elections called?

15.What is called canvassing at elections?

16. Is voting compulsory in Great Britain?

17. What is the average turnout at general elections in Great Britain?

18. When are by-elections held in Great Britain?

19.What is a voter given at the polling day?

20.Why is the British electoral system so much criticized in Europe?


Suggest the Russian for the following:


MPs, constituency, constituents, surgeries, stand for election, vote for a candidate, party support, first past the post, general election, seats taken, votes cast, Returning Officer, to leave a deposit, safe (marginal) constituencies, canvassing, by-elections, electoral register, turnout, polling station, ballot (paper), polling booth, pollsters, demand a recount, proportional representation, fraud.


Fill in the blanks with prepositions where necessary:


1.Westminster is often referred … as “Mother of Rarliaments’.

2.The public opinion is getting more and more concerned … the

process of the shift of real power … Whitehall.

3. The whole of United Kingdom is divided … 615 electoral


4. No person can stand any chance of being elected except … the

name of a party.

5. And you’ll have a little chance except as a candidate backed …

either the Labour or Conservative Party.

6. In safe constituencies a person who has nomination … the

dominant party is almost sure to be elected … Parliament.

7. A Member of Parliament … a safe seat is unlikely to be in any

danger at all.

8. So in Parliament ordinary members must vote in line … party


9. But if they rebel, they run a risk of being kicked … … their party.

10. Hence too much obedience … the party line gives too much

power … the Cabinet.

11. Voting is … the same day … all constituencies.

12. Although there is no limit … the number of political parties, in

effect, Britain has a two-party system … government.

13. The Conservative Party … the minority votes won an absolute

majority … seats in the House of Commons.

14. The British system of election is so unfair that it ought to be

changed … introduction of a form of proportional


15. .It aims to give each party a proportion of seats … Parliament

corresponding … the proportion of votes it receives … an


16. If the majority changes … one party to the other, the defeated

Prime Minister resigns at once.

17. All persons … 18 years of age may vote … parliamentary


18. The nomination paper … each candidate must be signed … two

electors as proposer and seconder.

19. Each parliamentary candidate appoints an election agent who is

responsible ... the conduct of the campaign.

20.If the number of votes cast … the leading candidates is equal,

the result is decided … lot.


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